Relaxed Weekend Wear

When you work for a corporate office or even the government, you tend to wear business clothing that do not reflect your unique style or the latest trends.  I’m notorious for wearing flip flops to work and american apparel t-shirts~ but there came a time when I realized that I needed to step it up.  Therefore, I went on a much begrudged shopping spree to buy blouses, skirts, dress pants and cardigans that could be worn for work.  It was the only time I can remember hating to shop as much as I did.  Rather than trying anything on, I just grabbed random (boring) pieces that would age me and make more “Professional.”  Although I havent’ completely given up my flip-flop, t-shirt wearing ways, I try to wear more serious outfits 3-4 days out of the week.

That is why, on the weekends, I overcompensate with wearing trendier, more relaxed outfits that only College girls and celebrities who don’t work everyday can get away with.  Here are some of my budget finds and suggestions for a few fun pieces to wear to brunch or out shopping with the ladies =),0.5&&rgn=0,0,1320,1530&scl=5&fmt=jpeg&id=0sA449iGIcsFoI9hqGFtPH,0.5&&rgn=0,0,880,1020&scl=3.3333333333333335&fmt=jpeg&id=3KmaTmpWcRF4Db9dgh2q5q

Shirt, Leggings, Shoes, Ring, Purse


Jeans, Shirt, Booties, watch Super Skinny Belt

Shirt, Skirt, boots, belt, bracelet, bag

Fall Beauty Finds For $15 Or Less

Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quad in Textured Teal

Avon - Fall Beauty - Makeup

Mark Glow Baby Glow Hook Up Lip-Gloss

Mark - Fall Beauty - Makeup

Essie Fall Color Collection

Essie - Fall Beauty - Nail Polish

Maybelline Color Sensation Lipcolor

Maybelline - Fall Beauty - Makeup

Brown, Golden Brown, Bronde…huh?

In light of the recession, most blonde women have been dying their hair less, going a few shades darker or just going back to their natural roots.  Highlighting or dyeing hair in a salon every 4-6 weeks has become an uncessary splurge for many.  Magazines and Beauty Blogs have currently made up a new term called “Bronde,” which is a hybrid of Blonde and Brown.  Here are some celebs who were Blonde and are now embracing the “Bronde”.

Mischa Barton Bundchen

Jennifer Aniston

source, source, source,source

So recently I’ve been obsessed with this color for myself.  Of course I realize it’s fall and I SHOULD be dying my hair darker~ but after dyeing it black and blue-black for so long…i’m ready for a change!  The next time you see me~ i’ll have BRONDE hair =)


this is clearly not fashion related, but in light of the hills season premiere tomorrow night… i must post this!

How Much The Hills Cast Really Make!


We all know there’s drama and jealousy on the set of MTV’s The Hills.

But with this new piece of information leaked, we have a feeling there’s gonna be a lot more behind-the-scenes drama.

Turns out the reality TV “stars” are making more per episode than many people make in a year.

But it’s not an even scale.

Turns out troublemaker Kristin Cavallari is raking in $90,000 per episode! So you’d think the villains get paid more, right? Wrong. Bring in Spencer Pratt, and he’s only making $65,000 per episode.

And that’s nothing compared to Audrina Patridge‘s $100,000 per episode! Or Heidi Montag‘s close to $100,000 salary. Turns out Spencer is down at $65,000 since he joined only in 2008.

However, the top earner goes to former Hills star Lauren Conrad who was racking in $125,000 per episode ($2.5 million a year). Plus her contract demanded that no other star’s salary could match hers while she was on the show.

Even sellout Brody Jenner is making some good cash. Jenner makes $45,000 per episode.

And that’s what everyone’s making not including their side jobs. Like fashion lines, books, music singles, and paid appearances.


Let’s hope they’re all investing wisely. Some of them will most likely not have another paycheck after The Hills.


what a STUD

Every year, there’s one trend that takes me longer to appreciate/obsess over.  This year, it was definitely the studs.  At first it seemed a little rough, cold and unfeminine.  But after seeing the studded items paired with bohemian designs or biker-chic leather~ I’m finally seeing all the limitless possibilities that studs can offer to an outfit or a single item.  This Fall, you’ll be seeing them on virtually everything: Shoes, Leggings, Skirts, Tops, Jackets, Purses, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was added as accents to lingerie.  Personally, I appreciate this trend when worn minimally.  Studded booties with skinny jeans and a flowy blouse or a studded leather jacket with long white tank, leggings and knee-high black leather boots.  I used to think that studs took away from an outfit, but they really add texture and edge to everything.  Here are some of items hitting the stores this fall for reasonable prices

Rebecca Minkoff 'Stud Devote' Belted ToteBe & D Ruffled Vertical Top Zip ToteTreesje Studded Belt Slouchy Hobo

Source, Source, Source

Runway MakeUp

Although the clothes take center stage at fashion week, a step-sister detail that also makes it’s way onto every magazine, website and “normal” woman are the makeup trends displayed on the runway.  Each designer likes to match the make up to the “look” they’re conveying that season.  Some designers will go for bare faces with super thick eyebrows, others super crazy eye shadow with spacey hair, and others will pick something more wearable.  Here are two of my favorites that were rocked on the runways in Bryant Park a few weeks ago~

Flushed Cheeks

My absolute favorite beauty product.  Blush can completely change your look from sweet to dramatic vixen.  It also helps contour your face and provide balance so you don’t look washed out.


Nars Orgasm

Drugstore Comparison:

Anything Cover Girl

Bold Lips

Normally a lipgloss or chapstick fan, I am slowly beginning to appreciate lipstick.  Whether it be in sheer colors or hyper-pigmented formula, lipstick brings a look together.  Whichever color you choose can either soften your features or create a bold statement.  Lipstick also highlights full lips or create the illusion of them.  I’ve found a few favorites, but haven’t been able to fully commit to colors quite yet.



Drugstore omparison:

Cover Girl, Neutrogena


Boot Obsession

Fall is quickly approaching and all I can think about are the boots I HAVE TO HAVE, despite my growing shoe collection with several pairs of boots in every fabric, shape, heel and color~ I strongly believe you can never own enough of them.  Each pair of boots offers a different vibe, look, and feel.  They come with laces, ribbons, zippers, ruffles, buckles, flaps, suede, leather, and much more!  The type of boots you choose will change the entire look for your outfit with little regard for your accessories.  This year, there are so many goodies to choose from~ here are a few of my favorites at a reasonable price that you will see on every celeb and average girl on the street this Fall and Winter season!

How the Celebs are wearing ’em:

FOCUS YOUR FITNESS photo | Sheree Whitfield

Where you can find them (

Emmys Best Dressed

I was disappointed with the ladies of this year’s Emmys.  Overall, everyone chose soft looks with a pop of lipstick, jewelry or color.  But what happened to the drama?  The Couture?  The Vintage Beauties?  The oversized, over kill baubles? I love some of the actresses who made it out, but I have to say…this awards show didn’t measure up to the Oscars.  Is it related to the prestige of the award you think?

Sad to say it, here are my sparse picks…


CHRISTINA APPLEGATE  photo | Christina Applegate

ROSE BYRNE  photo | Rose Byrne

Source, Source

She by Sheree

Anyone else completely addicted to The Real Housewives series?    My favorite is OC, then NYC, then NJ and finalllllly~ Atlanta.  Atlanta has way too much petty drama.  I realize that ALL the shows fight over stupid, superfluous ish~ but whatev.  I LOVE OC!

Anyway, during the first season of TRHOA, Sheree came out with her own fashion line.  She debuted it at a fancy cocktail party with press, a red carpet, etc.  The problem?  NO CLOTHES!!  Rather than canceling her FASHION SHOW (’s in the name girl) after her pieces didn’t arrive, she decided to hold the party anyway and project images of her sketches on the wall.

Ironic thing?  Sheree had enough time to make a signature drink and mull over who NOT to invite (Nene), but couldn’t get the clothes done in time?  interesting…  oh right, and Sheree is the same one that the second season is having crazy drama over because she tried to pull Kim’s wig off int he beginning of the season.  *sigh *

Random tangent…back to fashion!  Sheree showed off her collection at New York Fashion week~  what do you think?

Victoria Beckham’s Fashion Week Collection

With a keen eye for fashion, Victoria Beckham’s line of dresses have been found on actresses from Hollywood to New York.  These women love the fitted and flattering cuts, as well as the vibrant colors.  This is Beckham’s third line and it clearly reflects her eye for fashion and wearable pieces.  From structured, fashionable business to flowy dresses for nights out~ you know these dresses will be popping up all over the country and in magazines for months to come.  Also known as Posh Spice, her name fits her bold collection that received tons of positive reviews. Her hemlines, geometric shaped cut outs and sharp lines balance out the feminie fabric, colors and hemlines.  Here’s a look at some of her dresses:

Christian Siriano at NY Fashion Week

Christian Siriano is Project Runway’s fourth season winner.  He is not only the youngest winner, but one with the most talent.  His visions are big and loud, but the fabric and cuts are perfectly balanced and flattering for every woman’s shape.  One of his gifts, that may be related to his start (reality TV) is that each of his pieces are wearable for the everyday.  Some couture designers create interpretive pieces that are impressive works of art, but would be ill-fitting for a night out with your man or in the office.   Siriano loves ornate details on top of classic lines and bases. or simple designs on top of vibrant fabrics and patterns.  This up and coming designer as an incredible eye for ball gowns~ Take a look at the ones below.  The gorgeous combination of colors with the detail in the fabrics create a romantic, flowy look that any woman would feel gorgeous in.  Christian Siriano also has a shoe line that every woman in the recession can afford (more to come on that later).

Here’s a look at from his show~

Rachel Zoe’s Fall Shoe Picks

Piperlime is Gap Inc.’s amazing website that sells shoes.  They carry a number of designer labels, but mainly at a lower or more reasonable price.  If you have a must have shoe that you’ve been drooling over~ I recommend waiting for one of piperlime’s crazy sales.  Here are some of my favorites from Rachel Zoe’s Fall Shoe  picks!


BCBG $350                                   Kelsi Dagger $200

Joie $545                                   Via Spiga $350

Steve Madden $90                                L.A.M.B. $315

Badgley Mischka $150                              Giuseppe Zanott$585

Emilio Pucci $625                          Kate Spade $295

On the Catwalk…

I realize that the lead title line of this blog is very misleading when I’m posting fashion that runs several thousand for a scarf or skirt, but never fear…once the runway looks are complete~ I will show you awesome alternatives that you can find to mimic the hottest looks from Fashion Week at a reasonable price AND that is more wearable for the everyday trendsetter~

Here are some of my favorites so far…

Erin Fetherson

Embellished black dress from Erin Fetherston Fall 2009.

Marc Jacobs

Asymmetric hem dress from Marc Jacobs Fall 2009.

Strapless gold sculptural dress from Marc Jacobs Fall 2009.

Hot pink corset top and matching pink skirt from Marc Jacobs Fall 2009.

Black lace top and studded pants from Marc Jacobs Fall 2009.

Paisley blouse over floral pouf skirt from Marc Jacobs Fall 2009.

Black studded dress with lace sleeves from Marc Jacobs Fall 2009.

Gray zipper cardigan over pants, from Marc Jacobs Fall 2009.


Ivory drape-top belted dress from BCBG Fall 2009.

Lela Rose

Raw-edge portrait collar dress from Lela Rose Fall 2009.

Nicholas K

Shag sweater vest over plaid shirt from Nicholas K Fall 2009.


Oversized houndstooth coat from Preen Fall 2009.

Georges Chakra

Silver lame mermaid dress from Georges Chakra Fall 2009.


Ruffle-front blouse with piping from Verrier Fall 2009.

Oscar De La Renta

Belted marled sweater over leather skirt from Oscar de la Renta Fall 2009.

Calvin Klien

One-shoulder dress from Calvin Klein Fall 2009.

Rebecca Taylor

Ruffled leopard trench from Rebecca Taylor Fall 2009.

Fall Fashion Trends continued…

More runway looks…

Neon/Bright Color

Menswear: Blazers and suits

Ralph Lauren

Menswear: Shirts

Tommy Hilfiger


Ornate Jewelry

Donna Karan


Source, Source

Fall Fashion Trends

In Honor of Fashion Week, I’ll be posting the new latest trends that are being debuted in Bryant Park. Despite the recession, it seems like designers are little affected.  Rather than drop their prices or cut down on fabric costs, what do they do?  Add more flare, beading, color and lace!

To start things off…here are the Top 10 trends that will in stores very soon (if they aren’t already) and ones you can related to off the runway.

10 Fall Trends You’ll Love to Wear

Print Bottoms


Jewel Tones

Short glossy burgundy dress from Georges Chakra Fall 2009.

Black and White

zero + maria cornejo

Knee-Length Skirts

An ice-blue silk blouse paired with a pencil skirt, from Jason Wu Fall 2009.


Bright pink coat from Marc Jacobs Fall 2009.

Work Dresses

Raw-edge portrait collar dress from Lela Rose Fall 2009.



Cozy Chic

Teal hood, vest and mini from Lacoste Spring 2009.


accessories, accessories! (part two)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE rings.  They are the one thing that makes me feel instantly prettier.  Putting on oversized ones bring me back to when I was five years old, rummaging through my mother’s and grandmother’s jewelry.  Rings are generally passed down in history through families and hold not only monetary value but history, love and lineage.

Lipstick Jungle is a show that completely brought it back up to the fashion forefront.  The three protagonists wore several baubles all over in different styles, colors and genres~ but seemlessly threw them together to create gorgeous, fashion forward outfits.

[the-ladies-at-a-jewelry-party.jpg]  tv_lipstick_jungle03.jpg


Rings that will be on fingers this season~ and hopefully in seasons to come!



accessories, accessories! (part one)

Every magazine and fashion site has been raving about this fall’s rich accessories~  leopard print, rich jeweled tights, large bags, and headbands (another future entry).  But today’s dedication is to my one true favorite…EARRINGS!

I love the intricate details, rich colors and vintage feel of these jewels this fall. 

Earrings are like the icing on a woman’s outfit.  They pull it together, dress it up, dress it down and completely change the feel of a look.  Earrings can easily be overlooked, but it’s something that everyone notices first.  Take a look at some of falls up and coming looks =)