Runway MakeUp

Although the clothes take center stage at fashion week, a step-sister detail that also makes it’s way onto every magazine, website and “normal” woman are the makeup trends displayed on the runway.  Each designer likes to match the make up to the “look” they’re conveying that season.  Some designers will go for bare faces with super thick eyebrows, others super crazy eye shadow with spacey hair, and others will pick something more wearable.  Here are two of my favorites that were rocked on the runways in Bryant Park a few weeks ago~

Flushed Cheeks

My absolute favorite beauty product.  Blush can completely change your look from sweet to dramatic vixen.  It also helps contour your face and provide balance so you don’t look washed out.


Nars Orgasm

Drugstore Comparison:

Anything Cover Girl

Bold Lips

Normally a lipgloss or chapstick fan, I am slowly beginning to appreciate lipstick.  Whether it be in sheer colors or hyper-pigmented formula, lipstick brings a look together.  Whichever color you choose can either soften your features or create a bold statement.  Lipstick also highlights full lips or create the illusion of them.  I’ve found a few favorites, but haven’t been able to fully commit to colors quite yet.



Drugstore omparison:

Cover Girl, Neutrogena



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