Nicole Richie on the cover of British Marie Claire

Simply Gorgeous

Nicole Richie: She 'Never had an Eating Disorder'


Current Obsession: Alexander McQueen Leather Biker Satchel


Alexander McQueen Leather Biker Tote

Oh man, I love these bags.  Normally Alexander McQueen is not my designer of choice.  His stuff is a little too racy & dramatic for my taste~ but he truly hit it out of the ballpark with these two bags!  I love the complexity and texture that the zippers & pockets add to these simple shaped bags.  Plus the choice of black and electric blue leather complete the entire design.  Satchels are a big hit this season, so the edgy design of McQueen’s latest design will truly blow all consumers out of the water.

Great job.  I would personally pick the electric blue bags in both, but to each their own =)  I realize not everyone loves bright colors the way i do!

You can find these bags at Saks Fifth Ave

1. Satchel $1,450 2. Tote $1595

Hyori Lee for Guess Jeans in Korea

Known for her figure and sex appeal~ this singer is turning heads with her new Guess Ads in Korea.

Back in Junior High, I was obsessed with her group Fin.K.L (Fine Killing Liberty).  Remember them??  Yes the group’s name was lame, but the girls were cute.  They each had their own roles, the same way the spice girls each assumed one persona.  The “sexy” one was Hyori and she’s by far the most famous of the group when they split in  2002.  Her jean ads are below…


Gilt Groupe: Thread Social Sample Sale

oh man…I have resigned myself today that I will buy NOTHING and I will only window shop.  Here’s a sale I loved but am being strong about JUST LOOKING.  Gilt was having a lovely sale and I kept reminding myself that I the economy was going through a devastating recession and my company had implemented a furlough until this summer.  No shopping Esther.  No shopping.  NO SHOPPING!

Unfortunately, after clicking through the site and seeing all the beautiful cuts, designs and items available to “add” to my lonely cart…I had to distract myself.  THEREFORE, I am tell you (the world) what I would have LOVED to buy, but was strong enough not too.  LOL  Am I strong?  HELL YEA.  Am I smart to save money?  DAMN EFFING STRAIGHT.  Will I crack tomorrow?  most likely… =T

Here are my top picks from the Thread Social Sample Sale…

I’m going through a strange mustard yellow phase and love the ruffles since it makes my bust look…uh…”enhanced” without trying =P  Sorry boys…it’s all a fashion illusion!

I especially loved the second dress.  The front was soft and feminine with a delicate shoulder ruffle, while the back had a surprisingly sexy cut.
Ruffles = bust illusion  + bringing sexy back + sexy dark color = skinny illusion… must I go on ladies?
The color screamed Crisp Winter outing with the ladies!  Paired with a hot pair of liquid leggings, booties and a few cocktail rings =P
Be proud of me people!  I’m learning to budget and be a recessionistA!

Rose Byrne

Since I saw her on TROY next to Brad Pitt…I have been a huge fan of Rose Byrne.  Her beauty and style is always elegant, chic and feminie.  Although she could show her figure more (the dress on the far left…YUCK)… she still is a burnette bombshell!

Early Bird Special: French Connection

I get to work at the ungodly hour of 7am.  Quite torturous actually.  But my company is generous enough to let me take classes and accommodate to a flexible schedule so that I may pursue my innermost dreams and passions.  The real kicker?  The government isn’t so supportive.  California raised it’s public school fees by over 30%!!  Can you believe that?  So the thousand students fighting their way into 1 or 2 30 student classes is more difficult than trying to get hit by lightning in a thunderstorm covered in wire hangers and foil.

ANYWAYYY, back to fashion…  so as I ate my leftover subway sandwich for breakfast, I decided to take a mini-break and check out for their morning 8am sample sales.  What do I find?  French Connection is having a giant blow out sale!  Now normally I would not be so easily tempted but I saw these two dresses that were GORGEOUS!  Fun, flirty, girlie… PLUS if you know anything about me~ you know I am obsessed with short tube dresses paired with sky-high heels and chunky jewelry!

I quickly dropped my sandwhich and tried to purchase the navy blue dress on the left, but the 4s and 6s were sold out.  BLAST! So i even vied for a size 8. SOLD! size 10? SOLD!  Everytime I clicked on the available size, the cart would say EMPTY =(  SO FRUSTRATING!

Eventually the Navy Blue beauties were all sold out so I made my way to the sunshine yellow dresses.  Same story.  size 4, SOLD.  size 6, SOLD.  Size 8? SOLD!  UGHH  eventually I ended up buying the size 10 for $49!!  Originally priced at $169 =)

I woke up this morning hating the world and wishing I was a super hero who had the power to freeze time. But now…at 8:12am I’m feeling refreshed and aliiiiive =P  I would also like to mention that these two dresses sold out within 10 minutes.  WHAT THE HELLL??  what are the women in the U.S. DOING right now??  shouldn’t they be working!?  LOL
*sigh *  in any case, I wanted to share with you guys the best buy of my life.  The adrenaline that was pumping through my veins is slowly fleeting and I must chug about 4 cups of coffee to feel normal~ BUT~ this has to be the best Hump Day in a LONG TIME.
Hm…Now to find matching shoes and delicate earrings to pair with this baby!
Oh right…the most IMPORTANT issue at hand…”but you’re not a size 10!”  TRUE.  I’m more like a 4-6.  HOWEVER, my mom is the most amazing tailor who can just LOOK at fabric and the pieces sew themselves, flawlessly.  Plus I have my own sewing machine now and can make the appropriate alterations to have the dress fit me like a G-L-O-V-E.  =)

Current Obsession: Gold Leaf Cuff

Gold-plated leaf cuff by Kenneth Jay Lane

Kenneth Jay Lane

Gold-plated leaf cuff


Leather Bracelets & Wraps

OMG, these beauties are truly my new obsessions!  I can’t explain it, but I love the edgy leather paired with studs as a delicate bracelet around your wrists.  Moreover, for me, the bracelest and wraps have to be long enough to wrap several times OR I would recommend buying a few and wearing them together.


Marc by Marc Jacobs Double Wrap Bolt $78
Rebecca Minkoff Double Pyramid Bracelet $78

Sparkles & Glitter

Ok…so perhaps it’s the media and fashion industry shoving the whole sequin/glitter epidemic down my throat and into my closest…but I am currently OBSESSED with this new fad.  Yes, there’s a strong possibility that I could be THAT girl at the club who looks like a disco ball and lights up the room (er..reflects the light in the room).  HOWEVER, at the moment…i’m milking it for all it’s worth!  I’m sure this trend only comes once every 30 years and well…you just can’t pull off sequins the same way at 55.  *shrug * hard, stone cold truth right?

So here is my ode to all that glitters…






Spencer Pratt

Spencer Pratt Talks About Heidi Montags Plastic Face

He’s not such a d-bag after all…  Apparently he disagreed with Heidi getting more surgery, but felt as though he couldn’t force her hand.  I do admire his respect towards his wife, but at the same time~ he should have taken her straight to a therapist.  If a man REALLLY loved his wife, he wouldn’t give her the freedom to act on crazy insecurities.

Here’s what Spencer had to say… (from

Spencer Pratt says he does not agree with his wife Heidi Montag’s decision to change her face but he stands by her decision!

“Anytime I hinted that it might be a little much or if I just asked if she was sure, I even felt like I was crossing lines. I’m not in charge of what she does with any part of her body. I’m her husband – not her owner,” Pratt says.

“But everyone sees themselves differently when they look in the mirror,” the Hills star explains. “Nobody truly understands how she feels except her. I may not be okay with things, but it’s not my call.”

Montag, 23, says she appreciates Pratt’s support.

“At the end of the day we do share a same opinion: It’s my body and I need to feel comfortable as a woman, as a person, and my inner beauty is always there and that’s what’s most important,” she says. “His support has really been a lot and made such a difference. I couldn’t ask for more.”

Montag had 10 cosmetic procedures done in one day.


SAG Awards: Best and Worst Dressed


Diane has such a regal look abotu her.  It’s gorgeous.  This was a brilliant color/dress choice for her.  Classic.

Diane Kruger
so much fun!  The dress looks couture, but the bright color intermixes a flirtiness about this dress that only Anna can pull off.
Anna Kendrick
Kyra Sedgwick
Absolutely gorgeous.  The color, cut, fabric, hair, make up…everything.  I also love the minimalist jewelry since she wanted the dress to shine.  The color compliments her hair and skin color PERFECTLY!  My one change would have been…MORE BANGLES!
Lea Michelle
NOT feeling this.  Had it been a plain print, I could have give her some fashion props..but this is TOO busy for the red carpet.  I did love her hair and makeup, however.
Anna Paqin
GOORRRGEOUS dress~ but Tina Fey is NOT owning it.  She looks like the dress is wearing HER.
Tina Fey
Need I really comment on this train wreck outfit?
Meryl Streep
I dunno what about this look I don’t like… but she looks really washed out.  My guess is the lipstick choice…but something is off.

Hautelook Sale: Madison Marcus, Jamison and Gemma

Although a lot of the items have sold out, check out the remaining clothes!!  I was surprised to find myself loving this line…

Current Obsession: Black Nina Ricci Purse

O.M.G.  i LOVE this bag!  I love the color, style, material and fact that this purse is versatile!


Project Runway: Season 7

They’re Back in New York!!

I cannot even express just how much I adore Heidi Klum or this fabulous show.  Watching the creativity and ingenuity from the designers is inspiring and very jaw-dropping.  What’s even more fun is getting to see the designer’s line sky rocket into mainstream society after the show.  Last Year I saw three collections in boutiques and on the runway from past season designers.  It was awesome.  I randomly got invites to store opening, FIDM fashion shows that were over flowing with champagne and hors dourves.  Oh LA…I love the glamour.

Anyway, Can’t wait to see this new season and all the guest celebrity judges =P!



Dream Closet


My DREAAAM closet!!!  oh man…any ideas on how to get rich quick?

2010 Golden Globe Fashion

My Favorites of the evening…

Sewing Experiment: Curtains

Growing up, my mom was the most amazing seamstress/tailor.  She used to make a majority of my outfits and buy matching hair clips and shoes.  Later in life, when I bought designer jeans, dress pants for work…absolutely ANYTHING really…my mom tailored it to my body.  I LOVED IT.  Having a mom who could sew anything and everything made my life so much easier that I totally took her for granted.  After I moved out into my own apartment, finding time to sit with her and get my clothes altered were almost impossible.

The Solution?  My own sewing machine.  Although this Hello Kitty one is GORGEOUS, mine is a Singer.  It was my mom’s first sewing machine when she immigrated to America and now…it’s MY first sewing machine =)  Awesome!  I love the legacy that this machine holds and all the beautiful clothes it made for me as a child.

Now, I’m starting my own sewing story by starting off with curtains.  I have four curtains in my room and two on my wardrobe.  My first goal is to tailor the bottoms and get used to the vibrations and routes of the machine.  After warming up with that, my next goal is to sew some comfy black pajama sweats for Markel.  Eventually I would love to sew my own dresses and clothes for my four kids =P  Just like my mama did for us.

Wish me luck guys.  It’ll be quite a feat!


Yves Saint Laurent Arty aventurine ring

This is my current OBSESSION!  I love love love this ring.   I think out of jewelry~ rings and earrings are my favorite.  They’re the two things that instantly attract my eye and pull an outfit together.

Yves Saint Laurent Arty aventurine ring

Yves Saint Laurent Arty aventurine ring Yves Saint Laurent Arty aventurine ring

Yves Saint Laurent Arty aventurine ring $495

Girls Night Out

With the cold winter, I have been only thinking about what will keep me warm!  Recently, I’ve been favoring Leggings (liquid, sequin, lace, ribboned, zip, you name it!) and long tunics with cardigans on top, scarves and a pair of tall boots to complete the look.  My bag of choice?  a cross-body leather bag in turquoise.  ahh comfortable clothes are amazing~~

But with the sun creeping out in LA and the weather fairly warm…I’ve been thinking about Date Night outfits!  My Bs and I have been discussing a posh girls night out in hollywood and I’ve been getting excited about all the wonderful things i’ll be able to wear now!

In honor of the first GNO outing…and my first since the winter… I want something LOUD and fun.  Some of my thoughts…

Rachel Gilbert Silk beaded tank dressRachel Gilbert Silk beaded tank dress

Camilla and Marc Elodi silk tiered dressCamilla and Marc Elodi silk tiered dress

1. Rachel Gilbert $520

2. Camilla and Marc $550

But in light of the recession and my “pay back loans” mode…here are some cheaper alternatives…

Alternate Image

Heidi Montag’s Plastic Surgery

Wow… Here are pictures from her new People Cover…