Hilary Duff’s & Nicole Richie’s engagement rings!

Both starletts were receently proposed to by their boyfriends.  Does anyone think it’s ironic that they both dated the SAME guy (joel madden) and are BOTH getting engaged at the same time?

Drew Barrymore

I SAW DREW BARRYMORE!!  My friends and I were brunching at BLD in Beverly Hills and she walked by us about 5 times!!  Although we didn’t stalk her or run up to her like crazed fans, we did watch intently~ in that creepy “pretending not to look, but I’m secretly staring” kind of way.

She was SOOO tiny in real life.  About 5″4 and 110lbs.  I don’t know WHY the media always portrays her as a size 6.  She was SOOO small.  The best part?  She was super friendly to staff, guests waiting and to everyone around her.  She didn’t demand a table or keep her sunglasses on inside the restaurant.  Drew was also dressed down very casually and looked unassuming.  It was my quick celeb stalking intuition that knew it was her.  LOL

I am not even MORE in love with Drew Barrymore!!


Kate Spade Sample Sale

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Haute Wedding Photos

I love these!!  The brides look elegant, but with a bohemian twist.  I love the relaxed look in the bride’s hair~ which is a sharp contrast to their high fashion gowns.  The choice of scenary was well chosen, as it matches the soft and romantic hair.


Marc Jacobs NY Fashion Week 2010

These are my favorite pieces from Marc’s new line for Fall 2010!

This light, whispery dress is absolutely delicious.  The fabric and cut of this gown will look fabulous on every woman despite shape or size!  I can imagine myself wearing this to a wedding, a formal night out, a fancy play and to the Grammys when they nominate me.  *ahem*

I’m not normally a coat person, but this one is GORGEOUS.  I love the soft edges of the lapel, the length and narrow shoulders.  It’s a coat that’s casual for day, but still wearable for date night with your honey.

Brangelina’s Twins: Knox and Vivienne

Aren’t they ADORABLE!!?!?!?!




Kate Bosworth

unbelievably gorgeous right?  I love everything about this look~

sexy shoulders peaking out, the neutral color, fitted dress down to the knees, bold red shoes and lips to match, touseled & relaxed hair…

this look SCREAMS sexy, but at the same time…it’s very chic and and more on the conservative side.  You could wear this to an office holiday party, a first date, dinner with the in-laws, and out with the girls.  LOVE IT.

i’m not normally a kate fan, but in this case…her stylist did an AMAZING job!


Current Obsession: Naughty Monkey ‘Flash Dash’ Sandal

Aren’t these babies GORGEOUS!?!?  Markel isn’t a fan, but I’m determined to get these bad boys for the summer~

Naughty Monkey 'Flash Dash' Sandal

Nordstroms, $69.95

Hilary Duff is Engaged!!

Hilary Duff and her boyfriend of a few years, NHL PLayer Mike Comrie.  He proposed Last Thursday on the balcony of their hotel and she, of course, said YESS =)


Today’s Purse Envy




How much Celebs Weigh

How Much Do Celebrities Weigh?


Blake Lively, 5’9″, 123 lbs.
Calista Flockhart, 5’6″, 97 lbs.
Cameron Diaz, 5’9″, 120 lbs.
Cate Blanchett, 5’8″, 120 lbs.
Catherine Zeta Jones, 5’8″, 130 lbs.
Drew Barrymore, 5’4″, 125 lbs.
Eva Longoria, 5’2″, 104 lbs.
Gwyneth Paltrow, 5’9″, 112 lbs.
Hillary Duff, 5’1″, 105 lbs
Jennifer Aniston, 5’6″, 110 lbs.
Jessica Alba, 5’7″, 118 lbs.
Jessica Biel, 5’8″, 110 lbs.
Julia Roberts, 5’10”, 125 lbs.
Kate Beckinsdale, 5’8″, 115 lbs.
Kate Hudson, 5’6″, 115 lbs.
Katie Holmes, 5’9″, 118 lbs.
Kelly Ripa, 5’3″, 92 lbs.
Kim Kardashian 5’2″, 120 lbs.
Kirsten Dunst, 5’4″, 100 lbs.
Kristin Cavallari, 5’4″, 108 lbs.
Lindsay Lohan, 5’5″, 105 lbs.
Meghan Fox, 5’6″, 114 lbs.
Miley Cyrus, 5’4″, 104 lbs.
Nicole Kidman, 5’10”, 120 lbs.
Nicole Richie, 5’1″, 98 lbs
Pam Anderson, 5’7″, 105 lbs.
Paris Hilton, 5’9″, 110 lbs.
Penelope Cruz, 5’6″, 109 lbs.
Reese Witherspoon, 5’6″, 122 lbs.
Salma Hayek, 5’2″, 115 lbs.
Sandra Bullock, 5’8″, 110 lbs.
Scarlett Johansson, 5’4″, 115 lbs.


Beyonce Knowles, 5’5″, 130 lbs.
Britney Spears, 5’5″, 105 lbs.
Carrie Underwood, 5’3″, 110 lbs.
Christina Aguilera, 5’2″, 100 lbs.
Faith Hill, 5’8″, 120 lbs.
Fergie, 5’2″, 105 lbs.
Gwen Stefani, 5’6″, 115 lbs.
Jennifer Lopez, 5’6″, 125 lbs.
Jessica Simpson, 5’2″, 120 lbs.
Madonna, 5’4″, 100 lbs.
Mariah Carey, 5’9″, 140 lbs.
Shakira, 5’2″, 105 lbs.
Taylor Swift, 5’10”, 120 lbs.


JWOWW and SNOOKI are NOT Italian!

SURPRISE SURPRISE!!  They aren’t Italian!!

Jenny Farley revealed to Fox’s strategy room that she and Nicole Polizzi are, in fact, NOT Italian.  Farley is half Irish, half Spanish and her co-start, Nicole, is Chilean.

I don’t know how the rest of ya’ll feel~ but I feel Punk’d.  Why would you start cast members who are NOT Italian on a show that’s supposed to represent Italian Americans?  It’s hypocritical of MTV and I hope that it gets more than just a slap on the wrist.  I loved this show and I probably will continue to watch the insanity…but I’m definitely disappointed.  =T



Lily Allen~ Signing Off

After two very successful Albums, Lily has decided to move one and pursue her own boutique and record label.

She has had quite the career and scandal in the past few years.  Discovered on myspace, Lily Allen shot through the charts as a fresh voice that the media swore mirrored Amy Winehouse’s.  But for those who kept listening, her lyrics were witty, sarcastic and catchy.  I even got Markel to listen to the albums a few times!

I’m sad she’s deciding to pause the music, but can’t wait to see who she signs onto her record label and the future of her clothing~


Nicole Richie and Joel Madden are Engaged!!

I cannot emphasize enough how much I LOVE this couple.  Their kids are gorgeous, their lives are simple and they seem super down to earth.  What’s great is that neither celebrity actually ACTS like a celebrity.  I hope the best for them and their two babies.  Nicole and Joel have hinted they want a third soon~ BEST WISHES!

Nicole Richie & Joel Madden Getting Married


Fashion Fail: Jessica Alba & Demi Moore at the Euro premiere

Now, let me start off this entry by saying…I LOVE these women.  They have hot bodies, are total MILFS, dress impeccably and are married to hunks.  HOWEVER…these outfits are fugly.  Demi’s dress looks like orchids through up everywhere and Jessica Alba…the hair…the shoes… FUGS.


Gisele and Tom Brady’s Baby

You can’t quite tell who this little one looks like, but it’ll be interesting to see if he gets along with his big brother John AND who turns out to be better looking.

For those of you who don’t know, John is Tom Brady’s first son with actress Bridget Moynahan.  They dated for a few years and broke up.  HOWEVER, after the break up, Bridget found out she was preggers.  But did they get back together?  HELLS NAW.  Why?  Tom was already dating the Brazillian bombshell known as Gisele.  Fast forward a few years, T & G get married in Santa Monica and have a baby named Benjamin.

John is only 2 years old (I think), so you know the two will be buddies (right?)… but with two very gorgeous and VERY famous mothers…who will be better looking?  who will be hotter?  will they be models, actors or athletes?  These two baby boys CLEARLY have some great genes running through their veins, not to mention GINORMOUS trust funds waiting for them…  Very interesting…


Bridget Moynahan


Picture, Picture

Winter Chic

Such a cute outfit!!
Grey Scarf, Black Coat, Black Shinny Jeans, White Tunic

// //


Vday Lingerie Under $100

You’re Welcome Boys

Rachel Uchitel on EXTRA

Rachel Uchitel Lands TV Job on "Extra"

The only mistress of Tiger Woods’ to be paid off & Silenced (that we know of) is Ms. Rachel Uchitel.  She’s a big name in the Vegas club circle and EXTRA has hired her to be their nightlife and hot spot correspondent.  Yes, her name was tarnished…but by being Tiger’s mistress she got Hush Money, fame (however notorious), and a new job that will pay generously.

How is immorality tied in with copious amounts of cash?  Hm…I guess that’s why trashy, shocking reality shows do so well.  *shrug *

I’m personally waiting for this girl to fail, but who knows, she might impress us all!


Lady Gaga: Fashion FAIL

I love Lady Gaga…but this is just plain WEIRD.

Lady Gaga Just Came Back from the Pearly Gates