Alexis Bellino: Maxim Girl

In 2003, Alexis submitted her information and pictures to Maxim Magazine for the “hometown hottie” spread.  CRAZY.  The super Christian that she portrays herself to be…is a bit shaky.  On the OC aftershow, her faith and religious beliefs were called out when the host asked her why she’s getting so much plastic surgery~ Does she think God Messed up?

Yikes right?  well in any case…I love the drama on that show and I love that her career ambition was “actress”.  Oh Alexis…her 700cc breasts and constant botox/filler injections make me glad I am not wrapped up in that crazy world.  The women on that show have all the money in the world, but they can’t enjoy a friggin doughnut, starve themselves, over bleach and waxing themselves and get in such catty fights with the ladies who are hotter than they are.  PUHLEASE.

Why can’t you just have a group of friends you have fun with?  Why must fighting and constant jabs at each other’s marriages/relationships/kids be a part of the nightly convo?

My Profile
Alexis – La Jolla, CA

Height: 5’7″
Weight: 123 lbs.
Profession: Health club manager
Preferred Celebrity Status: actor
Relationship Status: married
Favorite Sport/Team: Chargers
Favorite Movie/Actor: Kevin Spacey
Favorite Music/Artist: Madonna
Other: I have a passion for fitness and spoiling my two teacup chihuahuas.



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