Preppy Theme Party

I’m going to a preppy themed house party tonight and I have no clue what to wear!?

Should I go old-school, d-bag?

Or go Trendy Gossip Girl?

Monique Lhuiller Spring 2011 Wedding Dress Collection

Hands Down, Monique Lhuiller is my favorite Wedding Dress designer of all time.  I always try to pretend that I would never want such an ornate gown~ but who am I kidding??  Lhuiller’s newest collection is saturated with flowers, ruffles, feathers and lace.  I love the soft, elegant femininity that is put into each dress.  As if every strip of fabric and piece of lace is created to hug your body in the right places.

I used to imagine (lie to myself) that I would have a a simple back-yard wedding with easy southern appetizers and beer in a bucket.  But again, who am I kidding??  I WANT the fancy dress, the cocktail party, the sit-down dinner and the Swarovski crystal tiara on my head all night =P  Afterall…you only get married once!

I’m going to a black tie wedding this fall where the men were asked to wear tuxes.  I can’t wait~~ This will definitely be the fanciest wedding I’ve ever attended ❤

monique lhuillier wedding dresses

monique lhuillier wedding dresses

monique lhuillier wedding dresses

monique lhuillier wedding dresses


Caroline Herrera Wedding Couture

Caroline Herrera’s newest collection of wedding gowns was show stopping to say the least.  The dramatic flair of every gown, headpiece and accessory complimented Herrera’s reputation for glamor and elegance.  I have to say that my favorite gown was the last one of the show.  The multi-colored floral fabric and gorgeous back ruffle had a Victorian feeling with a stunning hat that made all the audience gasp.

Carolina Herrera
Carolina Herrera
Carolina Herrera
Carolina Herrera

Outfit of the Day

Balenciaga Shirt and Zara Skinny Jeans~ This outfit is seamlessly thrown together for the perfect casual but very feminine outfit.  I would say that looking at what the model is wearing would make anyone question the obvious femininity because there are no ruffles, lace or pink/purple tones.  What’s so indirectly feminine and unique are the accessories used to make the model beauty and gorgeous figure stand out under the boyfriend shirt and skinny jeans.  The model has layers of necklaces, bracelets and rings to compliment the more structured shirt and her sky-high heels glam-up the entire outfit.

I love =)


Bridal Mart 2010

From Polka Dot Bride

Bridal Market April 2010

vera2 Bridal Market April 2010 vera Bridal Market April 2010

Vera Wang

reemacra Bridal Market April 2010 reem acra Bridal Market April 2010

Reem Acra

pob jewel Bridal Market April 2010 monique lhuillier Bridal Market April 2010

Jewel from Priscilla of Boston, Monique Lhuillier

michelle roth Bridal Market April 2010 michele roth Bridal Market April 2010

Michelle Roth

melissa sweet Bridal Market April 2010 lelarose Bridal Market April 2010

Melissa Sweet, Lela Rose

kenneth pool2 Bridal Market April 2010 kenneth pool Bridal Market April 2010

Kenneth Pool

inesdesanto Bridal Market April 2010 clairepettibone Bridal Market April 2010

Indes De Santo, Claire Pettibone

christos7 Bridal Market April 2010 christos6 Bridal Market April 2010


christos3 Bridal Market April 2010 caroline herrera Bridal Market April 2010

Christos, Carolina Herrera

carolina herrera Bridal Market April 2010 anne barge Bridal Market April 2010

Carolina Herrera, Anne Barge

anne barge2 Bridal Market April 2010 oscar Bridal Market April 2010

Anne Barge, Oscar De La Renta

amsaley Bridal Market April 2010 amsale Bridal Market April 2010

Wedding Fashio by Priscilla of Boston

Priscilla of Boston
Priscilla of Boston
Priscilla of Boston


Bridal Mart: Foral Embellished Wedding Gowns

From Junebug Weddings.

floral wedding dress by monique lhuillier

floral wedding dresses by monique lhuillier

All floral wedding dresses above from Monique Lhuillier

floral wedding dresses by amsale

Floral wedding dresses above by Amsale via

floral wedding dresses by marchesa

Floral wedding dresses above by Marchesa via

floral wedding dresses by christos

Floral wedding dresses above by Christos via

floral wedding dresses by ines di santo

Floral wedding dresses above by Ines Di Santo via

floral wedding dresses by melissa sweet

Floral wedding dresses above by Melissa Sweet via

Boyfriend Stripes

I love this jacket!  It’s a slouchy blazer that can be worn at work with skinny chinos or Skinny Black pants~ but can also be worn casually on a night out with friends.  I don’t own a lot of stripes and stay away from items that look to “nautical”, but in this case, I’m dying to buy this fashion forward jacket!

striped jacket


Ban.Do Headpieces

There are so many things I love about this collection~ but mainly it’s the presentation of the headbands.  I love that the designed chose a Twiggy-esque model in 60s attire and doll like make-up.  It brings a tangible innocence to the product and also debuts it with a chic and set style that most designers have trouble grasping.

wedding headpieces

wedding headpieces

wedding headpieces


Wedding Fever

Ok…so I think the next week of entries will focus on weddings and what you can wear to a wedding or what’s hot for a Bride right now.  It just hit me that a ton of my friends are getting married this year or are recently engaged ❤  CONGRATS you guys!

For those of you who know me, I LOVE planning in advance and checking it off my list.  It gives me a crazy high to send out save the dates, invites, cards and notifications look at my guest list.  hehe

BCBG is having a huge sale and these dresses looked super cute for a summer wedding~

Lo Boheme Headpieces

By Lauren Christensen of Lo Boheme

Weird or Hot?


Esquire Magazine: Christina Hendricks

Oh Christina…You gorgeous gal you…

One of the stars of Mad Men, Hendricks is most famous for her curvy figure.  She is most DEFINITELY not a size 2, but more like a size 8-10.  Hendricks has a body that even Marilyn Monroe would envy~



Fashion Fail: Amanda Seyfried

I LOVE Amanda~ however…this dress is FUGS.  The zipper is trendy and a great idea in theory, but the dress does nothing for her body and gives her broad shoulders.  Personally, I think the zippered look only pairs well with bandage dresses or when it’s dramatic on the back of a dress.  But the FRONT?  It’s too distracting.  This dress looks like it’s wearing AMANDA, not the other way around.


Amanda Seyfried At The "Mother And Child"  Premiere


Vintage Prom Dress

I am seriously in LOVE with this dress~!!!  Normally I shy away from anything below the knee or RED.  But this dress is incredibly fun, flirty, and feminine for a vintage dress.  In my fantasy world, I have always wanted a shabby chic engagement party with a rustic picnic feel.  This dress would be the PERFECT way to bring the theme together~ Again…I would probably shorten the length and pair it with some edgier accessories to balance out the 1970s feel and make it a bit more modern.  But honestly~ I searched High and Low for this baby through etsy and could no longer find it =(


Hipster Chic


Spring Wedding Gows and Quirky Bridesmaids Dresses

Lace Sheaths.  Not my style, but I know that many find this look to be classic and “old money”-ish.  All I know is that my Grandmother would approve…not me.


LACE LACE LACE!  I have this obsession with laced wedding dresses because of how instantly it adds to the richness of the wedding and your pictures.  The texture gives everything more dimension.


A simple dress with a dramatic twist.  Not loving this, but I can see girls wanting a different look.


Part of me wants to think this is ugly, but I don’t!  I love it.  It’s haute wedding couture, it’s fun, playful and utterly feminine.



Mermaid Dress.  Personally?  I would cut off the bottom half and keep it as a gorgeous reception or engagement party dress.  Love the sash with this choice of fabric and ruching.


This dress might look a little fugs on the runway, but when a normal girl tries it on~ it looks FABULOUS.  A real woman’s cureves are accentuated and the dress looks even MORE fab.  For Asian women who tend to have longer torso’s I would recommend breaking up the look with a white sash under the bustline.


Tulled Mermaid gown?  Not feeling it.  This baby didn’t even make it into production…


Not sure about the fabric tiers, but it was a playful twist~



The dramatic flair and instant black tie feel of long bridesmaids gowns is something I’ve wanted for my own wedding since I moved to LA.  I used to think cocktail gowns in pastel colors were the norm, but the glam of LA weddings has changed me.  Although it’s not always the best decision for spring/summer weddings, I do love how pictures turn out when the bridesmaids have gorogeous floor length gowns (preferably not in a pattern >.<).

Source, Source

Bar Refaeli and the Jersey Shore Boys

For Bar Refaeli’s photo shoot spread in Interview Magazine, she had some help from the boys of Jersey Shore.  Half Naked and in some compromising positions~ these boys brought their super tanned, muscled out bodies to the set.

Jersey Shore men and Bar Refaeli pic 4

Vinny Guadagnino

Bar in a leopard string  bikini
Ronnie Magro
Jersey Shore men pic 1
Mike Sorrentino
Jersey Shore men pic 2
Paul Delvecchio
Bar Refaeli pic 3


Justin Bieber Mania

Oh Justin Bieber…

I must first preface this entry by saying I am NOT a pedophile.  But I do think this 16-year-old boy is SUPER adorable and sweet.  His interviews show his age and his hair phenomenon reminds me of Zac Efron~ Discovered by Usher on MySpace, Justin has been a HUGE hit since the age of 14.  His sweet disposition, talent and adorable face have caused an uproar amongst tweens, teens and uh…women in their 20s *ahem*.


Jersey Shore Filming in Miami

The CREW is back! Gyms, Tanning Salons and Laundry mats BEWARE~~
Jersey Shore cast members landed in Miami to shoot their second season on MTV.  After negotiating better contracts (more pay) and receiving up to $10,000 per episode, all 8 cast members signed up.  Now, of course Angelina left after like 2 weeks for some married man, she immediately regretted her decision.  My guess? She saw how popular the show had become and wanted to be a fame whore too.
Moving on…She is clearly not receiving $10,000 per episode.  My guess?  She’s getting around $5,000.
Oh right…will MTV ever address that not ALL the girls in the cast are Italian?  not even PART? (Snooki/JWOWW)
In anycase, no matter how much I make fun of them or hate on them…I will watch season 2 religiously and hopefully attend a “GTL” party or throw one myself!  LOL
Looks like JWOWW is getting a little classier with a dress that covers her cleavage.  Great job Jenny.  Is it bad that the dress she’s wearing here is the dress I wore for my 25th birthday?  >.<  Eeeesh.
Off to GTL
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    ]]> BAND OF BROTHERS photo | Mike Sorrentino, Pauly DelVecchio, Ronnie  Magro, Vinny Guadagnino

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