SHOP BOP: Up to 70% off Sale!

Shop Bop is one of my favorite “go-to” websites for clothes and ideas on what to wear to social events.  I love looking at the designer chic pieces and (of course) finding more wallet-friendly buys elsewhere.
HOWEVER~~~ when shop bop has a sale~~ they REALLY have a sale!  Here are some of the items that are up to 70% off!  Check this site out~ it rocks.
T-Bags Gold Sequin Tank Helmut Lang Cowl Neck Top
Joie Drew B Tank Diane von Furstenberg  Brighton Dress

Elizabeth and James Cheyenne  Shirt Kimberly Taylor Audrey  Dress
Chris Benz Reef Tank Pleasure Doing Business Duo  Tone Sweetheart Dress
Rory Beca Leary Scoop Neck  Dress Sunner Freedom Romper
Bop Basics Girlfriend  Jacket Tibi 3/4 Sleeve Dress
Alex and Ani Limited Edition  Empire Expandable Wire Bangle Set Made Her Think Spike  Rhinestone Bracelet
Bing Bang Zuni Choker  Necklace L.A.M.B. Glamette Thigh High  Boots
Rachel Roy Signature Ruffled  Shoulder Top Ever Coity Dress
Pelle Moda Caly Platform  Sandals Joe's Jeans Diva Platform  Sandals


From Wikipedia:

Chuseok (Korean: 추석), originally known as Hangawi (한가위) (from archaic Korean for “great middle”), is a major harvest festival and a three-day holiday in Korea celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar. Like many other harvest festivals, it is held around the Autumn Equinox. As a celebration of the good harvest, Koreans visit their ancestral hometowns and share a feast of Korean traditional food such as songpyeon.

In modern South Korea, on Chuseok there is a mass exodus of Koreans as they return to their hometowns to pay respects to the spirits of their ancestors. People perform ancestral worship rituals early in the morning. They often visit the tombs of their immediate ancestors to trim plants and clean the area around the tomb, and offer food, drink, and crops to their ancestors. Harvest crops are attributed to the blessing of ancestors.

One of the major foods prepared and eaten during the Chuseok holiday is songpyeon (송편), a crescent-shaped rice cake which is steamed upon pine needles. Other foods commonly prepared are japchae, bulgogi and fruits.

A variety of folk games are played on Chuseok to celebrate the coming of Autumn and rich harvest. Village folk dress themselves to look like a cow or a turtle, and go from house to house along with a Nongak band playing music. Other common folk games played on Chuseok are tug of war, ssireum, archery and gama fighting. Folk games also vary from region to region. Ganggangsullae dance which is forming a circle under a moon is performed by women and children in southwestern coastal regions, and cockfight or bullfighting in the southern regions.

Greeting us with care from Korean Celebrities:

PDRTJS_settings_2569321_post_84414={“id”:2569321,”unique_id”:”wp-post-84414″,”title”:”The stars wish you a Happy Chuseok!”,”permalink”:”http:\/\/\/2010\/09\/22\/the-stars-wish-you-a-happy-chuseok\/”,”item_id”:”_post_84414″}

Girl’s Day



Park Min-young

Nam Gyu-ri

Hong Su-ah

Park Eun-young


DWTS: Premiere Recap

This cast…was weird.  I felt like they threw a bunch of random people together and said “let’s go with it”.   From their first dance…you can basically see who is going to make it to the end and who will be voted off ASAP.

The one thing I cannot STAND about DWTS is that they always have people on the show who have extensive dance experience.  Although it may not be in Ballroom dance, the fact that they have been paid to memorize choreographed dances is a total unfair advantage!!  Therefore, I am rooting for “The Situation”, Margaret Cho, Bristal Palin, Kurt Warner and Audrina Patridge.

Real Housewives of OC: Simon Barney Arrested for beating Tamra

From Bricks and Stones

Simon Barney "Real Housewives of The OC"  Arrested for Domestic Violence!

Simon Barney the estranged husband from “Real Housewives of Orange County” star Tamra Barney’s was arrested this morning on suspicion of domestic battery. Simon and Tamra were fighting over the dog when Simon threw the dog collar at Tamara and it hurt her wrist. She then called police. Simon is still in custody he’s being held on $10,000 bail. That sounds a little dramatic to me?

JWOWW offered $400K by PLAYBOY!

from bricksandstones

Jersey Shore's J-WOWW Offered $400,000 to do Playboy!

JWoww from “Jersey Shore” has a 400,000 offer on the table from Playboy to get fully naked in the magazine. The deal is not final and may face contractual obstacles from the reality TV show. JWoww is hopeful the deal will go through. If the star decides to only go topless it will lower the offer price.


I’ve seen Drew in person once and she was…STUNNING…to say the least.  Incredibly small and skinny~ she was super sweet to all the restaurant patrons and staff.  It’s nice to see such a huge celebrity acting humbly and doing the best she can to remain “normal”.

Drew is gracing the covers of BAZAAR magazine this month~ take a look at her glamorous shots!

HBZ pic 3
HBZ pic 2


Is it me or do they still look pretty trashy?  What the hell is up with Pauly’s HAIR?  yuckk



Plus Size Model: fashion debate

From My Fashion Life


The old weight debate has been around for as long as we can remember, but when did fashion become so thin? Has everyone forgotten the likes of Marilyn Monroe? No, they haven’t, but when Calvin Klein and Kate Moss created the waif-like models of the 90s, they also developed a pattern for the future shape of fashion. Now, however, it seems the industry may be ready for a re-jig, a curve toward something bigger – more so than ever, plus-size is in the spotlight.

Cast your minds back to the past few months in fashion: we’ve had Karl Lagerfeld, the very man who said all women want to be skinny, shoot an all-plus-size spread; Mark Fast has sent plus-size models down the runway; Crystal Renn has landed her first ever Chanel campaign; hell, even Marc Jacobs has declared plans for a plus-size line – and to top it off, yesterday, New York Fashion Week played host to the world’s first ever plus-size-only fashion show. So what’s the deal? Is it just a way of democratising shoppers in a difficult economic climate?

Well, yes, in a nutshell. If the average UK dress size is a 16, and the US a 14, that’s your mass market right there. Sure, 15-year-old girls look great down the runway, but put them in the middle of a street and they look frail at best – they don’t represent your average woman. Then again, since when has fashion been about normal?

In an industry that strives on creativity, fantasy and idealism, isn’t democratising fashion to appeal to the wider (no pun intended) audience waving goodbye to its escapist appeal? Well, perhaps, but who’s to say that plus-size fashion can’t be fantastical, too?

If fashion plays such an important part in most women’s and men’s lives – and in the global economy, in fact – doesn’t it actually make sense to appeal to the bigger (again, sorry) collective? Is it really any different to designers launching a children’s collection, or a men’s/women’s line? After all, it’s about expanding the brand to appeal to a different customer, isn’t it?

That may be well and true, but alas, the problem is the plus-size market is tricky one to tackle. Your average woman doesn’t want to buy plus-size clothing, she wants to buy ordinary clothing. She doesn’t want to buy Marc Jacobs Extra Big, or whatever it’ll be called, she wants to buy Marc Jacobs. Let’s face it, no woman likes to be made to feel bigger than she is, which herein actually poses the more ambiguous question of what actually determines plus-size. Anything over a UK 10 gets the coin in the fashion world, but that doesn’t translate to reality in quite the same way.

Still, that’s one to leave for market analysts or something, we’re sure. Maybe fashion will see this fad through and other designers will follow in Marc Jacobs’s plus-size footsteps; perhaps fashion will go back to the glamorous heydays of yesteryear when women were represented with healthy shapes and bodyweight. We don’t know, but come on – wouldn’t it be nice for curvy to mean Crystal Renn and not a super-skinny model with slightly rounded boobs?

Fashion Crisis: Black Tie Formal

I’m going to my first “grown-up” wedding.  My friend is having a black tie affair where the women are requested to wear floor length gowns and the men, tuxes.  Do I have anything fancy like this?  Negative.  I always have this old school “stuffy” idea of black tie balls where old white people get together and laugh about the silly economy while their many maids and butlers serve them on their hands and knees.  Quite silly of me, I know.

But after doing some research on what “Black Tie” attire really is on, I found GORGEOUS dresses that were elegant and fashion forward.  Although I have no clue what I’ll be wearing, I’m excited to have so many chic options to choose from!

Now I’m totally imagining a wedding where I’m holding a glass of champagne while posing for cheesy pictures with my busted cannon and eating delicious hor dourves~ =D


Rachel Gilbert

Alexandra silk-satin gown



Temperley London

Silk-chiffon strapless gown



Just Cavalli

Sleeveless satin gown



Rachel Gilbert

Tayla embellished silk gown



Roberto Cavalli

Silk-chiffon leopard-print gown



Catherine Malandrino

Asymmetric silk-jersey gown



Oscar de la Renta

Draped silk-satin gown


Old School Kickback: Vintage Hasbro Craft Kits


Do you guys remember these????  I thought they were SOOO cool when I was little.  mannn~~ where has time gone?

Lauren Conrad’s New Reality Show!

LC is getting her own reality show (again)!!  This time, however, it will be on her time and her schedule.  When she wants to stop filming, the cameras will be turned off.  LC wants this new series to accurately reflect her journey, career and life without the drama that Laguna Hills and The Hills brought.  Every network is fighting to buy the show and air it~

Can’t WAIT to see it!  LC was and always will be my fave ❤

Oscar de La Renta: Throwback

GAWD I love this man…His creations are GORGEOUS and stunning.

Cameron Diaz wearing a gold Oscar De La Renta Fall 2010 strapless  beaded gown