Charice Will Be Back On Glee!

From Perez Hilton

charice to return to glee in sixth episode never been kissed end  of october

And sooner than expected!

We know some you were confused when Charice showed up in the season premiere of Glee, threw down in a vocal rumble-rumble with Princess Lea Michele and then peaced-out without making any indication of returning.

Have no fear, the diva is here and it’s been foretold she will return to the show as soon as its sixth episode! (This week is its fourth!)

There was some specualtion that she wouldn’t be returning to the show until Gwyneth Paltrow made her debut, which won’t be until November. We’re going to assume they rearranged some things by popular demand!

We’re super excited to hear what that rocking Filipina is going to sing next!

Any requests?

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