Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban have a new baby girl!

WTF, how SNEAKY!!!  They had a baby on December 28th through a surrogate.  Obviously because Nikki is too old to have babies~~  but WOW!  they really know how to keep things a secret.

Now…let’s hope this one looks like Nicole (sorry Sunday) and that they continue to have more!

Here’s what UsWeekly had to say…


Whoa, baby!

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman kept a pretty big secret from reporters at Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards: they’re the proud parents of a new baby girl!

Born December 28 at Nashville’s Centennial Women’s Hospital, newborn Faith Margaret Kidman Urban joins the couple’s 2-year-old biological daughter, Sunday Rose. Though she was born via surrogate, Faith Margaret is Urban and Kidman’s biological daughter.

“Our family is truly blessed, and just so thankful, to have been given the gift of baby Faith Margaret,” Kidman, 43, and Urban, also 43, tell in a statement.

“No words can adequately convey the incredible gratitude that we feel for everyone who was so supportive throughout this process, in particular our gestational carrier,” the couple, who tied the knot in 2006, adds.

Golden Globes 2011

Best Dressed according to Esther~

Daily Dish: kids dressed up as Jersey Shore

so wrong…but i still had to post it!  snookie is by far the best.

Lady Gaga projected to make $100 Million in 2011

whaaaat??  while the economy of the world is suffering and children are starving~~  Lady Gaga is projected to make $100 million this year (according to Forbes)!!

First off, where is this money coming from?  and Second…are people insane?

Apparently she makes about $1 million per concert and has 41 set for this year.  On top of that people are buying her album in droves (sales upward of $15 million).


WOW… I enjoy her catchy tunes, but I don’t think LG is worth $100 Million a year.

Kate Hudson is PREGGERS!!!

How crazy and insane is this???  Who knew she was even DATING??  girlfriend needs to come out in a new movie QUICK or the public will start to forget about her…

Here’s what Us Weekly had to say…


Owen Wilson is expecting a little one — and now his ex is, too!

A source confirms exclusively in the new Us Weekly, out Wednesday, that Kate Hudson, 31, is 14 weeks pregnant with boyfriend Matthew Bellamy‘s baby.

“It was not planned, but they are excited and embracing it,” the source reveals to Us.

The insider adds that the actress, who has been dating the Muse frontman, 32, for nine months, is stoked for her 7-year-old son Ryder (with ex-husband Chris Robinson, 44) to have a little playmate.

“She is happy for Ryder to finally have a brother or sister,” says the source.

Victoria Beckham is PREGGERS!!!




The Beckhams are having another baby!  This will be their fourth child~ let’s cross our fingers and hope for a baby girl ❤  Who else will inherit all of Posh’s well…posh clothes!!

Below is what Us Weekly had to say…

“David and Victoria Beckham are delighted to confirm they are expecting their fourth child in the summer,” Victoria’s spokeswoman Jo Milloy confirms to “[Sons] Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz are very excited about the arrival of their new brother or sister.”

Married for 11 years, Victoria, 36, says she’s still just as in love with David, 35, as the day they wed.

“We were at a party the other day at my mum’s house and I was sitting on his lap. We’re very affectionate,” Victoria recently told Marie Claire. “And I looked at him and thought after being married for 11 years! We were the only couple who were even near each other at that party. We’re soulmates.”

People’s Choice Awards’ Best-Dressed Stars! 2011

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift
Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez
Mila Kunis
Mila Kunis
Ashley Benson
Ashley Benson
Kourtney Kardashian
Kourtney Kardashian
Jennifer Finigan
Jennifer Finnigan
Maggie Q
Maggie Q
Ashley Tisdale
Ashley Tisdale
Julie Bowen
Julie Bowen
Kate Walsh
Kate Walsh
Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner
Emma Roberts
Emma Roberts
Lucy Hale
Lucy Hale
Malin Akerman
Malin Akerman

Hipster Winter Fashions

From Lookbook

Mila Kunis Splits From Macaulay Culkin After Eight Years

Is it wrong that I’m glad about this split?  They were such a weird couple!!

Here are the details below… (From UsWeekly)


Mila Kunis and Macaulay Culkin have called it quits.

As first reported by Us Weekly, the Golden Globe-nominated actress’ rep confirmed the couple’s breakup to New York Post’s Page Six on Monday; they first began dating in 2002.

“The split was amicable, and they remain close friends,” Kunis’ rep said.

According to a source, the couple went their separate ways months ago but decided to keep it quiet while Kunis, 27, promoted Black Swan.

The actress has been open about her fear of settling down with Culkin, 30, telling BlackBook in December 2009 that the prospect of marriage didn’t appeal to her.

“Not to say that I don’t believe in it, but it’s just not something that’s important to me,” Kunis said of tying the knot. “But I will have children. I’m too selfish to have them now, but when I do, I don’t feel like I need to be married. I need to have a person in my life who will care for me and my children — nothing else.

7 Athletes Who Make Great Role Models …

From Women Who Stalk


7 Athletes Who Make Great Role Models …

It seems like every couple of days, we hear something in the news about one of our sports heroes getting into trouble — spousal abuse, an illicit affair, drunk driving, drug use, steroid scandals, and more. As a parent, it’s hard to feel confident in any of the professional athletes our children look up to. Aren’t there any good, solid, honest athletes out there our children can emulate as demi-heroes? Actually, there are! If you look carefully, and pay attention to who’s NOT being trounced in the news, there are several fantastic pro athletes who make good role models… and here are 7 of them.

1. Tim Tebow, Denver Broncos

Tim Tebow, Denver Broncos
When I first saw Tebow on the field at Florida State with his John 3:16 blackout under his eyes, I wasn’t impressed. Anyone can talk the talk and appear to be religious and good, but would he walk the walk and be a true Christian? So far, he has, appearing to be sincere, genuine, and truly good, a deeply religious, good-hearted man. What a superb role model for any young person, religious or not!

2. Armando Galarraga, Detroit Tigers

Armando Galarraga, Detroit Tigers
I don’t know much about Galarraga’s past, or his personal life, which is a good omen in itself — when pro athletes get into trouble, we all hear about it. But all I needed to see was his grace in the way he handled a blown call that cost him a perfect game this season. When the umpire who made the bad call tearfully admitted his costly mistake, Galarraga hugged him and never said a negative word about him (at least not in public). For that, he earns a place on my list. He’s a total class act.

3. Mia Hamm, retired professional soccer player

Mia Hamm, retired professional soccer player
There are few professional female athletes for young women to look up to for inspiration, but for generation of girls, Mai Hamm has been a relevant, engaging, worthy role model. She is honest, down-to-earth, and dedicated to supporting families who benefit from bone marrow transplants through her Mia Hamm Foundation. For decades, she’s inspired girls to do their best, and now inspires mothers with her happy, successful marriage to a pro baseball player and their twin daughters.

4. Shaun White, pro skateboarder and snowboarder

Shawn White, pro skateboarder and snowboarder
His distinctive look and wildly successful skateboarding and snowboarding career have made Shaun white a household name, especially if those households have teen or pre-teen boys in them. White is talented, but humble, and uses his visibility to promote a healthy, active lifestyle.

5. Pat Tillman, Arizona Cardinals

Pat Tillman, Arizona Cardinals
Pat Tillman was, by all accounts, a deeply compassionate, sincerely caring man. In the aftermath of the attacks on September 11, 2001, Tillman joined the Army with one of his brothers, turning down a lucrative $9 million contract with the St. Louis Rams. He served as an Army Ranger until his death in Afghanistan in June 2002, when he rushed into a narrow valley to save his fellow Rangers in the midst of a nasty firefight. His death by friendly fire was originally covered up by the Army, but the persistence of his family led to the release of the truth. From Tillman, young people can learn the value of morals over money, and courage under fire. I can’t imagine a better role model. If you want to learn more about Tillman, you must read “Where Men Win Glory” by Jon Krakauer.

6. Ndamukong Suh, Detroit Lions

Ndamukong Suh, Detroit Lions
I was impressed with Suh before he was drafted by the Detroit Lions, when he was the fourth-pick for the Heisman Trophy as a Cornhusker. Before he even received a penny of his signing bonus, he donated $2.5 million to Nebraska, part for a scholarship and part for the athletic center. He’s articulate, humble, and (so far), a great role model.

7. Phil Mickelson, professional golfer

Phil Mickelson, professional golfer
Even if Phil Mickelson wasn’t an incredibly talented golfer and devoted husband and father, his cheerful, even-keel demeanor would land him on my list. No club-throwing tantrums, no holier-than-thou conceit. He quit his career in the middle of a successful season to care for his wife, Amy, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and has stood by her throughout her ordeal. Obviously he takes his very public persona as a potential role model and his marital vows seriously — unlike another pro golfer I can think of…

Kim Kardashian brings in the New Year 2011

Kim hosts Tao NYE 2011
Kim pic 3
Kim pic 4

Winter Frost: Fur Hat

The Weather in LA has been SO freaking chilly that I’m starting to wear double socks, long underwear and scarves!  Markel and I were shopping recently and I saw this big fur that I wanted badly~~  the thought of wearing it on my head made me feel warmer already ❤  Unfortunately, I did not look as cute as this girl…

Happy New Years!

For all my readers =)  Have a wonderfully Blessed 2011!~~~  May your outfits be the talk of the town ❤