Kim Kardashian Files For Divorce From Kris Humphries–Married 72 Days

As the world already knows…Kim Kardashian filed for divorce today, 10/31/11.  This morning, every media outlet and blog covered the “news”.  As much as I love the Kardashian brand and the reality show…this news was just too much.  I can’t believe that this is headline news when there is so much more going on in the world.  In addition to the ridiculousness of how much this divorce is being covered, it also made me like Kim less and really lose respect for her.  I am NOT hating…because everyone I know will tell you that I’ve been her biggest advocate all these years.  I am just…really dissapointed in her and who she has become.

It seems like (and yes this is pre-judgement) that she wanted to get married so badly she overlooked a lot of really important factors.  Factors that come out with dating longer or even TALKING about them sooner.  On the show, I totally side with Khloe.  She had every reason to doubt Kris’ intentions and was 100% in the right when she questioned the validity of this relationship.  Kris was SOO incredibly difficult to get along with and I can’t believe how many red flags Kim overlooked.

If you’re fighting and not even talking at your own rehearsal dinner…something is up.  If your sisters and brother hate him…something is up.  If he’s super condescending to your family…something is up.  If you guys fight about the way you live together…something is up.  If you guys can’t even agree on minor LIFE styles…SOMETHING IS UP!!!

When I saw her wedding special…I was genuinely DISGUSTED.  She was the biggest bridezilla and made it really clear that the day was about her, and nothing else.  In comparison, when you watch Khloe’s wedding special~ there is so much love and happiness!!  The entire wedding they are laughing and giggling the whole time with each other.  At Kim’s?  It was more about how Kim looked and what the details of the wedding were….very absent of love.

Again, I’m not surprised that they got divorced.  I did think they would last longer than a  year though…

I leave you all with a parody costume that Nick Lachey and Kelly Ripa did this morning:

Here’s more from The Blemish:

Execs at E! are no doubt holding urgent meetings to discuss a four hour divorce special.

Meanwhile, sources tell TMZ that one of the main problems in and ’ marriage was that Kim did not want to move to Minnesota, where Kris is from, to settle down. She wanted to stay in LA because it would be best for her career. They never talked about this before their $10 million wedding because, well, $10 million!

And also, how does a fame whore go from LA to Minnesota. What did Kris think would happen. Kim would be ecstatic about the idea of layering herself up and trudging through snow with nary a photog in sight? I’m pretty sure it doesn’t take nine months of dating to figure out the answer to that is “hell no.” Either this is a bs excuse or Kris is a complete moron.

And here’s what JustJared had to say:

Kim Kardashian has released a statement about her divorce from her husband of 72 days, Kris Humphries.

“After careful consideration, I have decided to end my marriage,” Kim, 31, said (via E! News). “I hope everyone understands this was not an easy decision. I had hoped this marriage was forever, but sometimes things don’t work out as planned. We remain friends and wish each other the best.”

Kim’s sister Khloe also weighed in on the situation.

“Reading some these comments r so hurtful. Im grateful 4our fans who understand & r being respectful. Hate is disgusting. Love is everything,” she wrote on her Twitter account. “Thank God for family. We are strong and we will only become closer! I love YOU”

Dina Manzo Speaks out about Caroline Manzo and Teresa Guidice

WOW…the reunion was an EXPLOSION that no one expected.  Apparently during the filming of the fourth season, details have been coming out that turned all the housewives against Teresa.

Here are more details from PerezHilton:

On Sunday night, the second part of the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion aired on Bravo and as we all well know, things got extra heated between Teresa Guidice and Caroline Manzo.

While many topics send the women into a frenzy of finger-wagging and eye-rolling, when the topic of Caroline’s sister Dina Manzo is brought up (a former star of the show who left during season two), Caroline completely loses her cool and it is revealed that she and her sister have had a falling out that she is not willing to speak of.

Turns out, Dina isn’t really ready to gab about their problems either, but she did have a lot to say about the “toxic behavior” of ALL the housewives on the show in her blog this weekend. She briefly touched upon what is going on in her family, but only to say as much as it was a private matter that she didn’t want made public. She wrote:

During this time some things that I will NOT get into did happen behind the scenes with certain family members and there is no right or wrong really…it depends on who you ask. Feelings did get hurt…I won’t get into them because I have no desire to rehash the past that can only hurt my parents whom I adore. I would rather stay away from it than fight, that’s what works for me and guess what? that’s ok. You are allowed to avoid the negative, do what you have to do to keep your spirits up and your soul in tact. I also will not try to talk America into taking my side as some others may feel they have to in certain situations. There is no side here, this is a private matter there are 3 sides to every story remember…it depends on who you ask. It’s a shame this TV show used to be about our lives and now some lives are just about a TV show. That’s not how it should be…

Dina went on in her post to talk about her relationship with Teresa and touch on the “joke” she wrote about Caroline in her cookbook that sparked all the drama in the first place, saying:

“She mentioned the drama with her and Caroline and I told her that if this is all about a joke in a book (and she assured me it was) that’s not enough for me to hate the mother of my God daughter and a friend of 15 years. Was it necessary to write that stuff in her book? probably not but I don’t think it was written with malice either. We are all guilty of joking a little too much now…”

And then, she writes something we really commend her for, something we really hope the rest of the housewives read and get a real sense of where she is coming from having lived in the Housewives bubble and then succeeding outside of it. She writes:

“I wish all the girls the BEST!! ALL OF THEM. I say we change this housewives thing around and show the world what we’re really made of! Let’s lift each other up instead of trying to tear one another down. Lets showcase what women are capable of, what I thought this show was going to be back in the day~ Running successful businesses, supporting amazing causes, raising incredible children and looking fabulous every step of the way. Unfortunately, not sure what the ratings on that would be : ( so I doubt that will happen.”

You hit the nail right on the head there, Dina. Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Scarlett Johansson Opens Up about Divorce


FINALLLYYY!!!  We get some insight into what the HELL happened between Ryan and Scarlett.  Although the world already knows she effed up, this helps bring a few more details into the foggy picture.


Scarlett Johansson’s twin brother helped her get over her split from her husband Ryan Reynolds. The ‘Iron Man 2′ star separated from the ‘Green Lantern’ actor last December and she admits she was “quite depressed” in the aftermath of the break-up. However, she was pulled out of her dark mood by her twin Hunter, her 89-year-old grandmother Dorothy and the unwavering support of her close friends. In an interview with German magazine GALA, she said: “At first I was quite depressed. After about a week or so I pulled myself together and started to go to the gym all the time. Luckily, I’ve got a few very close girlfriends who have been by my side for 15 years now, who I can talk to about everything and confide in. I’ve got a close relationship with my twin brother Hunter as well. And then there’s my grandmother Dorothy. She recently turned 89 – she’s an incredibly sweet, lovely and wise woman.” Scarlett won’t reveal exactly why she and Ryan broke up because she insists it is a private matter between them. However, the 26-year-old actress – whose divorce from the 34-year-old Hollywood hunk was finalized in June – does accept she has personality traits which can make her a difficult person to deal with. When quizzed on why she thinks her marriage failed, she replied: “That question is too personal. I will only tell you this: I can be overcritical – with myself and with other people. And I don’t compromise … I pass judgment on people quite quickly. If I don’t agree with someone or if I’m annoyed I will tell people to their face – no matter how hurtful that might be. That can get me into trouble from time to time. When that happens, my friends have to hold me back and say, ‘Scarlett, you can’t say that!’ “I’m also incredibly impatient – regarding my job, my family and men. I want things to progress. I hate stagnation!” Despite her split from Ryan, Scarlett still believes in the concept of marriage but she isn’t looking for a new guy at the moment. When asked if she still believes in love and married, she said: “Oh yes, definitely! Why shouldn’t I? Right now I don’t feel the need to date anyone, though. I enjoy being single too much.”


Giuliana Rancic’s Return to TV: “My Surgery Went Very Well”

From UsWeekly:



A heroine’s return!

On Monday, just five days after undergoing a double lumpectomy for breast cancer, Giuliana Rancic got back to work as co-host of E! News.

After Ryan Seacrest introduced his pal to a round of applause, Rancic, 37, got emotional. “You’re going to make me cry,” said Rancic, who revealed an early-stage breast cancer diagnosis on the Today Show recently.

“I’ve got to say, I feel great. My surgery went very well,” said the reality star, who starts radiation treatment next month.

“I still do have a bit of a road ahead of me, but it’s nothing I can’t handle…and it’s going to be good!

Holding up her arm triumphantly, she added, “You saw when I came in here, I was like, ‘She’s back!'”

She also tweeted about the happy night:

“Feels so great to be back at work today. The @Enews set was such a blast & my friends in the newsroom wore pink ribbons 4 me.”

Tony Romo and Candace Crawford are Preggers!!

WOWZA…crazy!!  They just got married in May 2011 and they’re already expecting a little one.

Congrats you two ❤

Jessica Simpson is Preggers!

Although there are no confirmed reports, these pictures say it all~~


She clearly has a baby bump.  Jessica got engaged to Eric Johnson like a year ago and has yet to set a date.  I guess this minister’s daughter isn’t going down the normal path of marriage, then the baby carriage.  *shrug *

WHOWHATWEAR: 4 essential t-shirts by the Olson Twins

I love this shirt screen shot of essential t-shirts.  These days, there have been so many new styles and types, it’s been harder to find the perfect outfit.  For me, this is such a great way to know which 4 shirts could completely change my wardrobe ❤


From WhoWhatWear:

Giuliana Rancic: I Have Breast Cancer at 37

SUCH TRAGIC NEWS!!  I absolutely ADORE Guliana and her husband, Bill.  I pray for their family and her safe n’ speedy recovery~~



Here’s more details from UsWeekly:

Giuliana Rancic had an announcement to make during a Monday morning appearance on The Today Show — but it wasn’t the one she or anyone wanted or expected.

Instead of a happy pregnancy announcement, Rancic, 37, told Ann Curry: “I have early stage breast cancer.”  The E! News host and Giuliana and Bill star made the frightening discovery back in August, as she was preparing for her third attempt to get pregnant through in vitro fertilization.

Rancic explained that her doctor sternly insisted that she get a mammogram before going through with the third IVF treatment. (The pregnancy hormones could “accelerate the cancer,” Rancic recalled her doctor as saying.)

The star, who said she has no family history of breast cancer, “wasn’t prepared to get a mammogram until i was 40 years old,” she admitted. “I never in my wildest dreams expected anything to be wrong.”

When the hospital called a few days later to tell her the shocking news, Rancic admits she was immediately “sobbing…It was like the world just crashed around me.”

But a visibly emotional Rancic assured fans, “I will be okay, because I found it early. I’m doing surgery this coming week, and then I go to radiation for six and a half weeks.”

At her side throughout the ordeal is husband Bill Rancic, 40. “Bill is unbelievable,” Rancic gushed. “He lets me cry when I want to cry. He just lets me feel what I want to feel.”

And the spouses of four years are determined to continue in their attempts to conceive once Giuliana’s medical isseus are resolved. “I’m not gonna give up,” she said. When she does get pregnant, “That baby will have saved my life,” she mused. “There’s some master plan. Now I know that [God] was looking out for me.”

She urged all women to get tested for breast cancer. “I think a lot of us think we’re invincible,” she said. “We have to start putting ourselves on the to do list.”

Pilar By DV by Dolce Vita

I WANT THESE SHOES!!! They SCREAM fall and I just love the color and the faux suede.  This is my number one fall pick of the day =)

You can grab a pair of these from Piperlime for only $89!  What a Bargain right??



Versace Is Doing an H&M Line — and You Can Preview It Now

WOWZA…this is huge!  I’m really excited to see the line in person and try it on.  If the article below is correct…I probably can’t afford it, but I can sure as hell try it on!  lol


From The Cut:


H&M is allowing us to see the looks now instead of making us 
wait forever and forage through magazines like People StyleWatch for 
them. Progress! Thank you!H&M is allowing us to see the looks now instead of making us wait forever and forage through magazines like People StyleWatch for them. Progress! Thank you!Photo: Courtesy of H&M

The highlight of the Versace men’s show at Milan Men’s Fashion Week yesterday was not the striped booty shorts or pink suits, it was Donatella — but isn’t she always the highlight, in a way? — taking her bow at the end wearing a Versace for H&M dress. Versace is the next big-name designer doing a line for the affordable chain, even though Donatella said in 2008 that she respects designers who do these lines but didn’t want to do one herself “because I work very hard to put the Versace line in the luxury section. I think to put the Versace line in H&M would confuse the brand.” Perhaps to avoid confusion, H&M is billing the line as an “Iconic Collection.” Goes great with whatever deal she presumably struck to have the CFDA’s 2011 Fashion Icon, Lady Gaga, wear only Versace for the next couple of months.

Photo: Courtesy of H&M

The collection will be big and include two rollouts, one on November 17 including men’s, women’s, and homewear, and another prespring collection on January 19. The line consists of “iconic” archive Versace pieces repurposed for H&M. More from H&M’s press release:

The womenswear collection will be dominated by dresses that express the spirit of the season, featuring studded leather, silk and colorful prints, and accessories including high heels and costume jewelry. The men’s collection will focus on sharp tailoring, including the perfect tuxedo, as well as belts and jewelry for men. For the first time in a designer collaboration at H&M, the collection will include homeware pieces including pillows and bedspread.

H&M has not released any specific information on pricing, but that studded leather dress will not be H&M cheap. Versace cheap maybe, but not H&M cheap. So, who’s excited? Watch Donatella and H&M’s creative adviser Margareta van den Bosch discuss the collection in the video. Pretend like they didn’t misspell Donatella’s name Donnatella (maybe they just want a little more of her, like we all do).

Rihanna Is Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive

WOW…How incredibly hot are these pictures??

Rihanna Esquire Magazine