Hautelook and Piperlime Haul

Wow…This post is about to make me look like a shopaholic but I still had to share!  As you know from my previous post, I bought a bunch of items online and was eagerly awaiting the arrivals of these pieces ❤

Piperlime is a website that I’m OBSESSED with.  I have a luxe card and I swear it makes me shop even more…LOL

Piperlime Haul~~ 

1. Elizabeth and James Sunglasses

-Hated these.  They are SUUUPER cute in person and are great quality, but since my face is kinda on the round/large side they looked terrible.  If you have a small face, PLEASE get these, they’re gorgeous!  But alas…for me I’ll be returning them. *tear *



2 & 3 LOVE the booties.  They’re from Honey & Hive.  The Wanted black flats…meh.  I’m figuring out how much I like them.  I need them as a necessity for work, but I don’t actually like the style or the fit…*sigh * I’ll most likely return them, but for now I’m thinking about it.

4. Arc & Co. Black Blazer.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.  You can’t tell much from the wrinkled look in the picture, but this gorgeous jacket is perfect, light, and dresses up any outfit.  It’s super girlie looking with a tuxedo like collar, pinched back to bring out any waist, and the pockets are really roomy.  I LOVE! =D

Hautelook Haul, Part I~~

From my purchase last week, I only got the first package (of prob 3).  These DV shoes are SOOO comfortable~ They also have a cushion under the ball of the foot that will help me last a lot longer when I wear these out ❤

The blouse is from Tulle.  SUPER adorable and incredibly lightweight.  I love the paneling and the zipper back (although it’s a pain to put on alone).  I’m still figuring this one out b/c as cute as it is…I’m not sure I like that it’s difficult to put on alone.  *sigh * We’ll see…I need some second opinions.


 As soon as I get the other items from Hautelook I’ll let you know! =)


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