My nail polish collection and favorites: Essie and OPI


via PicsArt Photo Studio.

This is part of my nail polish collection (since the rest got cut out).  I recently threw away about 10 tubes b/c I couldn’t’ remember when I bought them…which means they’re OLD!  I tend to wear red and pinks a lot~ and tried a blue one recently…but I swear it looks weird against my skin.  *shrug *

The Blue one listed in OPI in Russian Navy.  It’s GORGEOUS on.  It’s dark blue with a shimmer that makes it looks black or purple depending on the lighting.  I also swear this nail polish is REALLY good luck.  I met my markel while wearing this and one of my friends met her now husband while wearing it.  Just throwing it out there…Russian Navy brings hot boys into your life.  tee hee ❤

Here’s a better pic of my collection below.  I try to paint my nails every 3-4 days~ it’s really therapeutic and helps me relax after a crazy work day.


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