Today’s Hautelook Haul: BCBG Jackets

OK…I’m obsessed with Hautelook lately (as ya’ll know).  I’ve been ordering things from there like it’s my second job.  *sigh *  If only someone would pay me to buy things… Well here’s what I got today =P

When I was living in norcal, I lived on peacoats and northface jackets.  In LA…the weather can get chilly but not Peacoat chilly.  So I’ve been in search of jackets recently.  I just recently bought a black blazer from Hautelook (post) and now these two below!  I have a few other jackets at home that are lightweight, but aren’t very cute.  So OBVI I needed to go shopping and buy some new ones!  Here’s my Haul below~


One thought on “Today’s Hautelook Haul: BCBG Jackets

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