Bye Bye Byons

One of my favorite people from LA is leaving this weekend =(

I swear not to make this entry too long or sappy~ but do it feel it necessary to mention my beloved Byons before they depart ❤  These two LA favorites are moving back to Norcal (where they’re from) b/c of some awesome new opportunities.

Mr. Incredible I met in high school when I was 14.  He was one of SKPC’s most eligible bachelors.  LOL  Mrs. Incredible I met at 18 in college.  She was the roommate of a small group leader I knew~  Who would guess that that years later, these two guys would find love and get married??  As a couple, and individually, the Byons have become such a huge part of my life!  Looking back…I have to say…we TORE UP LA!

Rather than posting embarrassing pictures from our past dances, banquets, etc~ Here are some cuter pictures ❤

Such great memories with the ByonSos!  Can’t wait for more fun moments and pics!


Love and Miss you Guys already!


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