Long-Sleeve Wedding Gowns: Past and Present

My parents came to visit me in LA from Hawaii for the past 2 weeks and you BET the topic of wedding gowns came up 1, 2, …10 times!  My mom is a firm believer that a LADY only wear’s long sleeve wedding gowns.  And that you can measure a bride’s class/background by how covered she is on her wedding day.

WOW…you can imagine my surprise when she asked me, “Are you going to be high-class bride or a low-class bride?”  my thought was immediately…”I’m not wearing long sleeves, so low-class!”  HAHA

In any case, after 2 weeks of this, I’m slowly breaking down and giving long sleeves a second chance.  Do I really want this?  *sigh *  who knows…




My own parents, circa 1979:


What would you do?  Give in or put up a fight?


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