Jessica Matrasko Jewelry: Spring 2012, 30% off!

Jessica Name 2011

30% Off 
almost everything at!
Now through Sunday 4.22.12
Enter code LUV30 at checkout!
If you haven’t heard of Jessica Matrasko’s Jewelry line…you’re seriously missing out!  These pieces are not only gorgeous, authentic and original~ but they can be work with every single outfit (night or day)!  Beyond that, celebrities have been wearing her pieces for years, they’ve been sold at tons of fashion boutiques like Fred Segal and well…Now I’m introducing it to you! =) All the jewelry is hand-crafted, dipped in gold, and the rocks are hand-selected by JM.  Because she piece is so unique, even if you and your gf buy the same piece, they may be slightly different.  I LOVE that!  I love that whatever I order will never be the same as someone else’s.  ❤
Here are some pieces that I have:
(ps…this one is named after me: “Esther Necklace”)
Other pieces I’m in love with (and can’t wait to buy) are…

Jessica Matrasko is a fashion forward jewelry designer based out of Los Angeles, CA. Her jewelry is composed of rough cut gemstones and minerals, most are painted with 24K gold while others are wire wrapped by hand. Jessica favors imperfect stones with irregular shapes and colors. She also incorporates real leaves and ocean life are that have been hand painted and preserved in gold. Because the materials are all natural, each piece is unique and beautiful.
Jessica’s designs have been seen on celebrities including Rihanna, Cheryl Burke, Lindsay Lohan, Denise Richards, Naomi Campbell and Anna Lynne McCord.

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