Ulta Makrup Haul: NYX and Revlon

I’m super happy to show off my NYX and Revlon Haul from Ulta!  Interestingly, they were having a sale on this and I didn’t even know, so it makes me even more excited to share =P

I got a makeup primer, eyeshadow base (ESB03), and 3 jumbo eye pencils (608 Cottage Cheese, 632 Peacock, 625 Sparkle Nude).  For Revlon, I picked up my third lip color, this color in 025 Peach Parfait.  For those of you who haven’t used the jumbo eye pencils, they are a must try!  They’re incredibly creamy and have a rich pigment, so you get a lot of color per use.  My eyelids are a little oily, so I really need the primer/base to prevent it from clumping.  For the revlon lip butter~ these are all the rage fro makeup blogs and I COMPLETELY agree!  They’re go on your lips with an incredibly creamy finish and a lot of pigment.  The color on the stick comes out lighter on your lips and they look GORGEOUS and soft.

PLEASE try the jumbo eye pencils and lip butters if you can!



4 thoughts on “Ulta Makrup Haul: NYX and Revlon

    • it works well and goes on smoothly! I’m still working on seeing how much of it i should use, but so far so good! I use a small pea size.

      The eye base is my FAAV though. I wear eye makeup and it lasts more than 12 hours!

      • I tried the eye base but it creased on me so I started using Too Faced Shadow Insurance instead. I love the jumbo pencils though. Have you used other face primers?

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