Within the Next Five Years, I hope to have…

Here are my list of things that I want to accomplish before I’m 30 and in the next 5 years.  I’ve thoroughly lived out my youth and I’m really excited to accomplish these short-term goals ❤

Within the next 5 years, I hope to have….

1. Gotten Married


2. Had a baby (or 2)


3. Learned how to decorate my home (like a grown up, no hodge podge of hand me down furniture)


4. Traveled the world a little bit (like Europe, Asia, South America)


5. Gotten my retirement/401K/Roth IRA all in order so that I can retire in STYLE


6. Become a manager at work and really hit my stride in my career


7. Learned how to cook Korean food like Mama Chang (she’s the BEST)


8. Made our own traditions as a Family…(like making potstickers and tamales before the new year)


9. Own something Furry (or 2)


10. Will be on the verge of buying a dream home…(I hope!)


First 2 Birthday Gifts: Kindle Fire and Oversized Clutch

Gahh I got a few gifts early this year and they were both so amazing ❤

Kindle Fire from my Markel ❤ (cover from his sweet parents)


Gorgeous Oversized Clutch from @mrsannalee


Beach Day

I have the day off today and tomorrow for my birthday weekend and I am exciiiited.  I love days like this, where most of the world works and I get to sneak away and lay out, ride my beach cruiser, and drink a few cocktails =D  Then tomorrow and the rest of the weekend will be spent schmoozing, drinking with friends, and taking a BILLION pictures.  I’ll be sure to do a length recap when I return!

Tonight Markel and I are going to one of my FAAAAVE restaurants, Sugar Fish, in Brentwood.  I’m on their email list and they sent me a FREE meal coupon for my birthday!!  xoxoxo  YIPEE!

I can’t believe that I’m friggin TWENTY EIGHT now.  But looking back, I’ve definitely LIVED IT UP and taken advantage of my youth.  Now…I just need to focus on this GOLDEN YEAR and what I plan to do between 28 and my DIRRRTYYY 30! =P  (more to come on that tmrw)

Happy Thursday/Friday Ya’ll!


Golden Birthday, Golden Year: I’m 28 B*tches!!


Today is my 28th birthday.  June 28, 1984.  Since I’m turning 28 on the 28th~ this is a HUGE birthday that I plan to never forget.  I normally plan a huge bash on my birthday with 50+ people.  This year…won’t be any different!  teehee

I’m SOOOO very thankful to all my friends and family who I have to celebrate with.  I couldn’t have made it this far and I very well couldn’t celebrate this big day like a champ without them.

In a few weeks, I’ll be able to celebrate my birthday with my parents and brother in Hawai’i.  That’ll be warm, mushy and teary =P  Because I don’t get to see them very often since their big move, I love to cherish the moments I am with them… (even the nagging and bossiness that comes.  LOL)


Sequins and Sparkles from Etsy

 I got an email today of new items for their “wedding” store and I fell in LOVE with these two items below.  SO ADORABLE!!!  The links to the stores are underneath if you like them as much as me =)


R O S E GOLD Sequin Clutch. Neutral Metallic Evening Clutch. Pink Quartz Pouch.


Mini Sequin XO Letters For Wedding or Decor


German Glass Glitter “MR” & “MRS” Garlands

A few of my new piperlime obsessions…

Oh How I love to shop online…Here are a few of the wonderful things that I’m putting into my shopping bag (without quite hitting “purchase”).

I LOVE everything about this dress.  It’s full covered, light, whimsical, and the cut outs dress it up and make it youthful.  The colors are also light and feminine which would be perfect for any summer party or event.
LOVE LOVE LOVE these neon pants for summer 2012!  And in the fall/winter, they will provide a gorgeous pop with all my black coats and boots =)
Moccasin’s!  Perfect and comfortable for fall/winter 2012.https://i2.wp.com/www1.assets-gap.com/Asset_Archive/PLWeb/Assets/Product/866/866622/big/pl866622-01vliv01.jpg
FUNNN sparkly flats to wear on a night out when I don’t feel like wearing heels.  I also think these would be a great wedding shoe for the brides/bridesmaids who want to change into flats at the reception ❤
 Not sure what it is about these shoes…but I’m totally in love!  I love the pastel colors, the fact that they have clear panels, and the style of the shoes.  I can imagine myself wearing them with everything in my casual work wardrobe and even on the weekends with shorts and a loose shirt and a cross body bag ❤
 I LOVE me a white bag during the summer.  I love how crisp and clean it looks.  This season, this Kate Spade bag is in my WISHLIST category~~

Shayani Nail Polish and Nail Decals



One of my dear friends left me this fun basket of goodies to try and share with my Bs.  I tried the blue color (#18) and I loved it!  The pigment was rich, it dried quickly, applied very smoothly and the best part?  It doesn’t chip easily!  After 3 days of wear, normally my nail polish is quite haggard and gnarly looking.  But this Shany polish has relaly held up and performed marvelously against washing dishes, work, crafts and … well LIFE!

If you see this brand at a drugstore or department store, please try!  I love the unique colors and the variety of products.

I haven’t used the nail decals (cause i don’t now how) or the eye shadow…but I’m really impressed with it all.  The small Nail Decor bottles are cool too because they have a really thin tipped brush that helps you decorate your nails.  I haven’t used that yet, but I’m sure I’ll be experimenting a lot this summer =)  I’ll show you what I come up with!


Outfit Of the Day


via PicsArt Photo Studio

My Current Piperlime obsessions…

Why can’t I be paid to shop online?  *sigh *  that would be the best job ever =P

Here are a few things I’m loving right now.  It’s taking all my self control NOT to purchase these~ especially on such a lazy morning.



Birthday Outfit Ideas


Oh man…the big celebration is less than 5 days away and I still don’t have an outfit!!!  At least nothing I LOVE and can’t live without… *sigh *

Here are some things I purchased that are coming in the mail this week… let’s hope there’s something that can be salvaged!

My main concern tho… is that I’m not sure how “hamptons” these items are…  *sigh *  What are your thoughts?

#1 idea

https://i2.wp.com/www.forever21.com/images/small/00048478-03.jpgProduct Image

Product Imagehttps://i2.wp.com/www.forever21.com/images/small/17306382-03.jpg

#2 idea

Product ImageProduct Image

#3 idea

Product Imagehttps://i2.wp.com/www.forever21.com/images/small/00048478-03.jpg

#4 idea

Product ImageProduct Image

#5 idea

Product Imagehttps://i1.wp.com/www.forever21.com/images/model_front/00048487-01.jpg

#6 idea

https://i0.wp.com/www.forever21.com/images/model_front/00036724-01.jpgProduct Image

Product ImageProduct Image


Weekend Recap and Photodump

This was ONE BUSY weekend!  (aren’t they always?)

Friday, I had a teeth cleaning with my pal sheila and then went to a staff meeting at work where I got a pleasant birthday cake surprise at the end!  Love my co-workers ❤  After the meeting, I took a half day since I was going away to a church retreat in Oxnard, CA. Mike built the VBS set so we had to get there early and set it all up.  It was really nice to see SO MANY volunteers come early just to help out and just to hang out =)

The rest of the weekend was spent amongst great company, good food, and well…lots of exercise I didn’t know I would even get.  (boo?).  Saturday we were supposed to go on a leisurely hike and it ended up being the most intense 10 miler EVER.  No one was prepared for it (all 60 of us) and we died… it was like the trail of tears.

Saturday we also ate at a yummy place (not AMAZING, just yummy) called Fisherman’s Catch in Oxnard.  (more on that on my fattie delights blog).

Sunday we wrapped it all up and mike and I took our time driving back, stopping by the camarillo outlets, lunching, and then taking a FAT nap in the day.  We were BEYOND exhausted.

For Dinner, I got to spend some MUCH NEEDED time with my General So turned Byon!!  We caught up, I scored some major makeup/nail polish and then we had the most DELICIOUS dinner at Rustic Canyon with a few other ladies ❤


Panera Bakery

Rustic Canyon


Retro Makeup Idea

Although this doesn’t look super cute on me, I LOVE seeing it on other girls!  I love the winged eyeliner, the hot red lips and perfectly coiffed hair.


Fave New Shoes: Steve Madden Achilees Teal Leather



LOVE LOVE LOVE these shoes.  They’re super comfy and easy to walk in. ❤

Pretty in Peach Makeup for Spring/Summer 2012

As much as I love pink~ This peach collage that I found (here) is gorgeous!  It made me give it all a second chance =)


CVS HaulL Volum’ Express Mascara and Revlon Top Speed Nail Polish

I bought both of these items on a whim and I’m SOO SOO glad I did!!

The Falsies Black Drama Mascara: These make my lashes look like I have falsies!  Literally~  It’s incredible, dark, thick and clumpy (which I love).  It also doesn’t weigh down my lashes which is always a problem.  If I curl my eyelashes, most mascaras bring it down and straighten it out right away.  Not this formula!  I HIGHLY recommend this tube.  You won’t regret it!

Revlon Top Speed Nail Polish in Guava: goes on super smooth, dries incredibly quickly and has an intense pigment so you don’t have to worry about more than 1-2 quotes.


New DIY Summer Bun and Braid


Jessica Matrasko Jewelry Party

You’ve read it here before…I’m a HUGE fan of Jessica Matrasko Jewelry!  (past posts here and here).  I recently had a jewelry party at my house and it was a blast!  I love seeing the new items and getting to try it all on!  Here are some fun pics from our night (sans the craziness after the sangria set in…lol)  My camera and the lighting of the room were not compatible so please excuse the bad photos!





https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/s720x720/562168_10101177552791593_1767837219_n.jpghttps://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/s720x720/251923_10101177552901373_1331984385_n.jpg    My new items ❤ And the JMJ Haul once my items arrived!  I’m still waiting on one more pair of earrings and then my spring/summer order will be complete!

(please excuse the poor picture quality)

Happy Father’s Day!


I hope you guys are getting a chance to appreciate your father’s today! =)

Organizing My Room

So last weekend, I felt really compelled to organize my stuff.  I’m going through a spring cleaning phase and I figured if I organized everything…I would be able to go through at the same time and eliminate all the items I no longer wear/use. I dropped off 3 huge bags of stuff to goodwill on Sunday and it felt SOOO GOOD.

Here are some photos =)

Jewelry Organizer I found at Ross~ LOVE it!

Donation piles on my bed

Shoes and Purses

I used separators to keep the purses up and from falling over.  I organize them in big purses (on the right) and clutches (on the left)

Necklaces hung on a hanger just for this purpose, found at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Channeling my Inner Princess: Kate Middleton and Princess Diana

After William and Kate got engaged, this ring was ALL the rage!  I totally didn’t get the hype and left that trend to the SUPER fans of the couple.  A year later…I went to the mall with my susieQ and decided to try it on more like an obnoxious joke.

But…low and behold…I loved it!  HAHA  maybe it was the size, maybe it was the sheer knowledge that it was “royal”…but whatever it was~ I’m now fully on board with all the crazy fans who love this ring!  Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it right?  *shrug *

I believe Nordstroms is selling them for around $50.  LOL