Weekend Recap and Photodump

This was ONE BUSY weekend!  (aren’t they always?)

Friday, I had a teeth cleaning with my pal sheila and then went to a staff meeting at work where I got a pleasant birthday cake surprise at the end!  Love my co-workers ❤  After the meeting, I took a half day since I was going away to a church retreat in Oxnard, CA. Mike built the VBS set so we had to get there early and set it all up.  It was really nice to see SO MANY volunteers come early just to help out and just to hang out =)

The rest of the weekend was spent amongst great company, good food, and well…lots of exercise I didn’t know I would even get.  (boo?).  Saturday we were supposed to go on a leisurely hike and it ended up being the most intense 10 miler EVER.  No one was prepared for it (all 60 of us) and we died… it was like the trail of tears.

Saturday we also ate at a yummy place (not AMAZING, just yummy) called Fisherman’s Catch in Oxnard.  (more on that on my fattie delights blog).

Sunday we wrapped it all up and mike and I took our time driving back, stopping by the camarillo outlets, lunching, and then taking a FAT nap in the day.  We were BEYOND exhausted.

For Dinner, I got to spend some MUCH NEEDED time with my General So turned Byon!!  We caught up, I scored some major makeup/nail polish and then we had the most DELICIOUS dinner at Rustic Canyon with a few other ladies ❤


Panera Bakery

Rustic Canyon



2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap and Photodump

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