Beach Day

I have the day off today and tomorrow for my birthday weekend and I am exciiiited.  I love days like this, where most of the world works and I get to sneak away and lay out, ride my beach cruiser, and drink a few cocktails =D  Then tomorrow and the rest of the weekend will be spent schmoozing, drinking with friends, and taking a BILLION pictures.  I’ll be sure to do a length recap when I return!

Tonight Markel and I are going to one of my FAAAAVE restaurants, Sugar Fish, in Brentwood.  I’m on their email list and they sent me a FREE meal coupon for my birthday!!  xoxoxo  YIPEE!

I can’t believe that I’m friggin TWENTY EIGHT now.  But looking back, I’ve definitely LIVED IT UP and taken advantage of my youth.  Now…I just need to focus on this GOLDEN YEAR and what I plan to do between 28 and my DIRRRTYYY 30! =P  (more to come on that tmrw)

Happy Thursday/Friday Ya’ll!


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