Ombre Hair


Day 3 and still loving my new hair! I was really nervous about taking the color risk~ but I’m so glad I did! Also in the pic but hiding…my favorite, blue, pebbles necklace. Something that channels Marge Simpson or Pebbles from the Flinestones 😛

Mustache Paperclips


How adorable are these?? I got a sweet gift from my boss this morning and I love them so much I dunno if I can bring myself to use them! xoxo Funday Monday!

City Target comes to Westwood, CA!


City Target moved to Westwood and I am soooo psyched!! Living in west LA has been a little uncomfortable without stores like Target, Walmart, Costco, etc nearby. During lunch, my co-worker and I walked down to Target and bought a few non-essentials 😛 My greatest find?? The two pairs of sunglasses!! I have been looking for heart-shaped sunnies forEVERR! And I was delighted to find a single pair~ waiting for me to find them 🙂 Although it isnt the red color I wanted, these pink ones are super adorable! My second pair I’m obsessed with? Cat eye glasses! Everyotger time I try to find these at the mall with high end brands, they don’t fit my face well. So, I was really excited when these frames fit! I also loved the fact that the frames are extra black as well as the lenses. Both pairs are from the brand Exhiliration and both pairs were $12.99 each 🙂 My summer just got more fun!

Bachelorette Party Dress Idea: sparkles!

ADORABLE!!  Love how any girl would stand out in this hot dress~~

Today’s arm candy


Sunday Funday: Got my hair did (ombre)


Today I did something I thought I would never have the guts to do…I bleached my hair at the salon into a gorgeous ombre look. I haven’t bleached my hair since 2006 because…well I def was a bleach junkie. So I laid off on coloring my hair until this morning when I was itching for a change! 6 inches of hair and an hour of hair bleach later…I got this gorgeous new do! My discussion with my stylist (Diana Dillworth –LOVE her), we talked about my hair up keep, style and color. I told her I look terrible with light hair and I wanted the color to start below my ears b/c I’m convinced it would round my face even more! I also asked that the lightest color be a honey brown rather than blonde so that it wouldn’t be such a shocking change… and WahhLa! Diana purposely didn’t frame my face with the light brown (to keep the illusion of dark hair) and she made the color. lighter and higher in the back than in the front. Also, something I really liked was her technique at keeping the colors and streaks different colors and lengths. It gave my hair more depth and bounce which I absolutely LOVED. Now that it’s all done, I actually kinda wish I had gone lighter, but Diana says that as my hair gets exposed to the sun, the color will lighten a little more and more which will be exciting 🙂 What do you think? Love or hate?

Outfit of the Day


Last night I got to wear the new shirt I bought from Hardware on Larchmont! LOVE this neon yellow~


Rings from


Randomly found this website through Us Weekly Magazine (Issue #909, July 16, 2012).  I love the rings they have on this site and the prices are super low!  I love buying fun, funky pieces of jewelry to wear with my everyday outfits.  It brightens up my day 🙂

They have tons of other items (accessories, clothing, etc):

$8 and $16!





New Lulu Head wrap from Nordstrom


Got a fun surprise from ms nana this morning! LOVE. It’ll be the perfect accessory this summer 🙂

BaubleBar Jewelry

I was reading Us Weekly Magazine (Issue#909, July 16, 2012) and found the most gorgeous pair of earrings pictured from

This pair is $34.

I was looking at the website and found a bunch of other things that I want and have officially put into my wishlist~~

I thought the diamond earrings and bracelet would be perfect for any wedding accessories ❤




UCLA mug and spoon

Got a special gift today from academic publishing on campus 🙂 The perfect way to come back to work!



Hawai’i Recap and Photodump Part III (after the Wedding)

ahh the last of the Hawai’i photos~~ these will be a random photo dump since many are out of sequence and just really the last bits of the trip.  Looking back at these make me want to go back so badly!  Until next time Hawai’i…




image image














 and that’s it folks!




New Arm Candy from Barcelona

My roommie went on a whirlwind Europe tour this month and brought this beauty back!  It goes perfectly with my other arm candy and I can’t wait to try it with new outfits and my old arm swag<3




Hawai’i Recap and Photodump Part II (The Wedding)

The whole trip was really leading up with this big, BIG, MAIN event of the century~~ the wedding of David Chang and Beth Fukumoto.  I have to say…it took all of my strength to stop myself from bawling at the rehearsal, the wedding, and the reception.  Here are some pictures from this beautiful day and the day leading up to it!

Rehearsal Day at Hickam Airforce Base (where the reception would be held)

The aunties and uncle

Practicing with the Sabers

St. Andrews Church (where the ceremony would be held)

The gorgeous weather the morning of the wedding in waikiki:

The big wedding!!

First Dance

Father-Daughter, Mother-Son Dance

Me and Markel at sunset

Some of the bridesmaids

The delicious dinner!

The Korean Paekbaek Ceremony (when the professional pics come out I’ll be sure to share!)

Hawai’i Recap and Photodump Part I (before the Wedding)

Hawai’i was one of the most fun experiences to date.  I got to spend a lot of time with my family and spend some much needed time with my big bro before his wedding.  Although the first week I did mainly wedding prep-stuff, here are some random pics I wanted to share!

The Museum of David Chang (aka his office)

My mom’s outrageous sun hat with side blinds!

Fresh Pineapple and Papaya from a warehouse (1/3 of the price and SUPER fresh!)

The first “monument” I saw while running errands with my mama

My mom’s homemade spam masubi~~ UNBELIEVABLY delicious

Markel’s first request when he landed?  Dole Plantation!

Sis-in-law’s bridal shower

Poke and Sushi for dinner~ our last with just the 4 of us!

Holy Smokes did you know Costco had gelato??

Pretty Flowers EVERYWHERE in Hawai’i!

Morning walk with my mama near their home

BEAUTIFUL skylines!

Manoa Falls Hiking!  OMG this place was GORGEOUS~ like we had stepped into the rain forest!


Last day of wedding prep with all the bridesmaids, groomsmen and family




Hello Kitty Hawai’i Ornament/Phone Chain


Markel and I started a tradition where we get a new ornament for every Christmas we spend together.  We take turns picking ornaments and we hope that our future Christmas tree will always be filled with great memories from our lives together.  Yes our tree may not match in the future, but we hope that it’ll always represent our lives as a couple and in the future, as a family with our children ❤

This year, I got to choose this baby!!  It’s the most adorable little phone chain that we can convert into an ornament and it’ll be the perfect memory from our trip to Hawai’i together!  Markel found this gem at an ABC store and it completely embodied me and our trip ❤  teehee~~

Do you and your sig-O have a cute tradition?




Island Girl Nail Polish from ABC stores in Hawai’i


Every time I go to Hawai’i I make it a point to walk into an ABC store and buy Island Girl nail polish.  I absolutely LOVE the consistency of the polish and the variety of colors that come in the collection.  There is one ABC store in Vegas (inside planet hollywood) if you’re not going to Hawai’i anytime soon =P

Colors from left to right:

#1126 Pineapple Plantation

#1106 Aloha Sunset

#1160 Aloha Heat

#1131 Surfer Babe




Brighten Your Eyes: Cool Makeup Tip (highlight)

Found this on pinterest and had to share with you~

wedding ceremony sneak peak


via PicsArt Photo Studio

Good Morning Waikiki!


My brother’s getting married today!

This is the view.from our penthouse suite this morning at 6am 😛

xoxo. gotta go get ready now!
via PicsArt Photo Studio