Birthday Weekend Recap and Photodump

 WOW…can I say…this was one of the best weekends of my LIFE!  I felt SOOO loved and appreciated.  I can’t believe the flood of emails, texts, calls, and fb posts I got!

Wednesday Night I went out for dinner with @mrsannalee and she surprised me with a gift and dinnah~~ so the festivities started early! weeeee


Thursday (my actual Bday, June 28th)

Woke up early, cleaned, read in bed, ate gummy bears for breakfast and relaxed all morning ❤  When Markel came, we ran a few errands, went golfing, and then went to sugarfish for dinner!

one white gummy bear for Markel, one yellow gummy for me =P

Friday (day of the party)

We woke up around 9am and started getting my apartment ready for the party, Markel made me Miyuk Gook, and then we got readayyyy

 Straws I made =P

LOVE LOVE LOVE my Hello Kitty Balloon!!

My fave pics of “caught in the moment acts”

Markel loves to make fun of my freaky feet.  Here’s a classic picture of why…

Saturday (day after…day of doom)

Sunday (last day of the best birthday weekend everrrr)

After church lunch dates with the bestie and her bf in Little Tokyo

Then a relaxing pool day with the girls ❤

Markel’s DELICIOUS Chili Cheese Tator Tots.  EFFING GOOD.


Work was CRAYYY when I got in this morning.  I had 150 “urgent” emails and a huge pile of stuff to get done.  Boo.  Mournful Mondays.

LUCKILY, I get to see the beautiful baby Elise tonight! xoxo


Tmrw, I’m watching MAAGIC MIKE!! teeheee


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