Hawai’i Recap and Photodump Part II (The Wedding)


The whole trip was really leading up with this big, BIG, MAIN event of the century~~ the wedding of David Chang and Beth Fukumoto.  I have to say…it took all of my strength to stop myself from bawling at the rehearsal, the wedding, and the reception.  Here are some pictures from this beautiful day and the day leading up to it!

Rehearsal Day at Hickam Airforce Base (where the reception would be held)

The aunties and uncle

Practicing with the Sabers

St. Andrews Church (where the ceremony would be held)


The gorgeous weather the morning of the wedding in waikiki:


The big wedding!!






First Dance

Father-Daughter, Mother-Son Dance

Me and Markel at sunset

Some of the bridesmaids

The delicious dinner!

The Korean Paekbaek Ceremony (when the professional pics come out I’ll be sure to share!)



2 thoughts on “Hawai’i Recap and Photodump Part II (The Wedding)

  1. I know this might be a long shot but I have to ask. I’m approaching my wedding day (01/20/13) which will be on the beautiful island of Oahu, I am from Los Angeles. I am having a paebaek but having the hardest time trying to source rentals online. I would so greatly appreciate a referral of where the rentals for your brothers paebaek were from? Thank you!!!

    • Hi Sally! My parent’s friends bought all the paebaek stuff from Korea and gave it to him as their present. However, I know that you can rent the paekbaek stuff in LA and bring it to Hawaii. My mom got quotes from a bunch of places and they were all willing to work with her.
      Also, there are a few dduk places in Oahu and they offer paebaek rentals. I think my mom said they weren’t super cute, which is why she asked for quotes in LA. Good luck on your wedding!

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