Celeb News and Gossip

While away in Hawaii, I felt like I had cut myself off from a lot of technology and news (or I purposely never checked in…).  But when I was coming back to real life and reality, I found myself starving for celeb gossip and news!  I read every magazine that had come (Us Weekly being my favorite) and blogs about celeb news till I felt sick.  haha

Here are some crayyyy things that have been happening around the world and mainly in Hollywood!  (for those of you who never keep up or don’t care to):

Colorado Shooting =(


Kristen Stewart Cheats on Robert Pattinson


Katie Holmes finalizes divorce from Tom Cruise (she is now an “SP”); Scientology more corrupt than ever


Emily Mayynard chooses Jef Holm (Is she shady?  Is she genuine?)


Ashton Kutcher and Mila are a couple


Adrienne Maloof Files for Divorce


Olympic Excitment is buzzing~~ (gosh my FAAAAAVE thing to watch!)



(and the scandal of these outfits)






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