Goodbye Sobby Sus!

 I can’t believe I’m saying goodbye to another dear friend who’s moving away =(  Ms. Sobby Sus, DoctorSeuss, Skim, SusYi Cakes…friend and B.  LA will never be the same without you!!  BUT, and that’s a big one, I’m excited for all the new changes and exciting things happening for you in the Big Apple!  I shall come visit as often as possible and overstay my welcome!  haha

xoxo I’ll miss you!

The first time we met in 2008 for NYE!

and then starting in summer 2008~ the NLNS, GNO, WOYO, DTM, and many many more memories began ❤


Last Dinner with SUSYICAKES at Palsaik





 bye Sobby sus!!  we love you SOOOOO much!!  come back and visit us often ❤


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