Turning Over a New Leaf: Samsung DV300F Dual View Smart Camera – Black (EC-DV300FBPBUS)

I did it!!  *deep breath *

I bought a new camera!!  So cray… cray because I have been using a BEAT UP, pathetic camera with screen issues.  It’s to the point where when I ask people if they’ll take a pic for me, they touch it like they’ll get a disease from it as they wrinkle their noses and snap the photo as quickly as possible.  *tear *

Well old Canon SD 870…rest in peace.  A NEW baby has been born and the stork is delivering it on Tuesday! =)


I hope that this will help take much better, clearer photos with intense color AND that it’ll take great photos in low light.  Another AMAZZZING 2 features that were the selling points??  It’s wi-fi ready and there’s a small screen in front so you can take pics of yourself with friends!

LOVE LOVE LOVE.  Hopefully I’ll love it even more when I receive it and you’ll see much better pictures moving forward. ❤



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