Weekend Recap and Photodump

This past weekend was quite the throwback to my high school days!  My BFF (hansela) flew in on Friday night and we drove to Loma Linda for a night of catching up over beer, cocktails and junk food. =P  Hansela is in town until this Saturday so my week has been filled with lots of extra fun things and nights out =)

Wednesday (Hump Day): Markel and I hit up the last of the Giants vs Dodgers game for a final and CLEAN sweep sweep sweep of the Dodgers!  kekeke  It was an amazing game with REALLY great seats (Markel knows how to pick em!).  The fun part?  Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher were there!



Friday:  We went to a pub called The Salted Pig in downtown Riverside, had one too many cocktails, chocolate cake, late night mcdonalds, and caught up on a year of memories and laughs =P

Thursday was Hansie’s real birthday so it’s been a weekend long celebration of cake, ice cream and more cake!


 Happy 28th Birthday Hanselaaa~~





Saturday: Brunched in Riverside, walked around and then I went to a Dodgers vs Mariners game with Markel and his sweet parents


Sunday: Church as usual, Lunch at Urth Cafe, Dessert in Ktown, and the dinner party f the summer at famous Emily’s~~



(and the weekend doesn’t stop there!)

Monday: Markel made the most UNBELIEVABLE grilled cheese sandwiches



Tuesday: Dinner and Dessert with my oldie group from Sacramento + Ejo ❤


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