Friday Funday…sometimes…

Today was one of the most intense days of work that I had in a LONG, LONG time… Not only was it the second day of school, but it was New Student Orientation (which I organize and lead) AND our Fall Reception for 50+ people (which I coordinate and organize).  *sigh *  It was…to say the least…so stressful I’m surprised I didn’t pop with anxiety as 50+ people waited 30  minutes for the late catering and while the other 15 people I planned lunch for DIDN’T get to eat for an additional 30 minutes.  *GRRRR*

ON top of that…I had 2 interviews, had to move 10 soda Bottles + 76 bottles of wine, had a 3 hour meeting, and well…over 100 emails just piling up in my inbox.  WOWZAAA  Even when I would rush to the bathroom for a pee break, I’d come out to a hallway full of people waiting on me.  *sigh *

ANYWAY…during the midst of all this craziness, disaster, and interruptions~ I saw this Email From Markel and almost melted.  My stress completely dissipated and I genuinely smiled for the first time at 2pm.  Here’s the email:

                                From Markel, Subject: I love you

                               I am guessing you are super stressed out right now so here are a few
                                quick jokes to help you get through the day.

                                1) Once in an insane asylum an inmate screamed out I am George
                                Washington. “How do you know?” someone asked. The inmate answered ,
                                “because GOD told me.” Just then a scream came out from another room
                                “I did not.”

                               2)  A man telephoned the airline office and asked, “How long does it
                               take to fly to Boston?” The clerk said, “Just a minute…” “Thank you,”
                                the man said and hung up.

                                Love You I hope your day is going well

How Super sweet is that???  After reading the email, I felt like…this work craziness was just that.  WORK.  I stopped worrying, stopped freaking out, and for a few moments…really enjoyed the reception, the food, and the company.  =)

Oh…and for those who think these jokes are too cheesy….well call me MRS. CHEESE =P  I LOVE me a good cheesy joke.  They make me laugh the hardest.  teehee xoxo

Happy Friday Everyone!!

It’s Carmageddon part II here in LA so I plan on spending the weekend catching on errands, books, and ME time ❤

Fall is here!


LOVE going to the store and seeing pumpkins galore. Can’t wait to carve mine this year! 🙂

Throwback Thursday

My 24th Birthday weekend in San Francisco ❤  (at the end of a great night)




First Day of School

The first day of school is here and life…is no longer sweet.  No more long lunches, no more quiet days, no more…freedom.  I think this picture sums up my fleeting freedom from summer.  Now…time to look forward to the Holidays!




MakeUp Trials

So I’ve been really obsessed with watching Makeup tutorials on youtube and here is one of my trial sessions before going out last Saturday.  This pallate was a brown/bronzie/peach~ which was totally different from my normal pink shades.  Not perfect…but I’m getting the hang of it =)




Freshman Orientation

On Monday, I looked outside my office window and saw this chaotic mass known as “freshman orientation”.  Every year I go down and collect all the free samples that the campus gives out to “welcome” its incoming class.  I like to believe that I’m young enough where I can pass for a wide-eyed, 18-year-old student.

This was the best booty I could have gotten!!  I’m sad I only had 2 hands tho…my coworker and I couldn’t carry any more stuff, so this had to do.

Wow…can’t believe Fall 2012 is already here.  Class hasn’t event started and I want to die from the overload of emails, interruptions and lack of long lunches.  *sigh *

Until next June!

Weekend Recap and Photodump

This weekend was so much fun!  It wasn’t AS packed as my other weekends, and I loved spending time outside in the sun ❤

Friday:  I was super sick in the morning which was a huge bummer since the evening festivities had been something I had been looking forward to for a LONG time =(  Girl’s Wine Night with the Theme: we aren’t preggers!  So we all had soft cheeses, sushi, fish, wine, Caesar salad, deli meats…and the list continues~  But in any case, it was a great night of gabbing with the ladies ❤

Saturday:  Random day of fun with Markel in Brea and Fullerton and then Ejo’s Birthday!

Sunday: Church, Nursery, El Salvadorian Parade, Pho in Ktown, then watched football and ate some random things with Markel

Some random photos of last week:

And…now it’s the first week of the quarter.  Monday, the first day of the quarter was cray!!  This is the view of freshman from my office window.

Emmys 2012: Best and Worst Dressed

I didn’t get a chance to watch the Emmys last night, but I LOVE seeing who wore what!  Overall the fashion wasn’t what I was hoping to see.  Many women either played it safe, showed too much boob, or looked Bleh.  Here are a few worth mentioning…

Heidi Klum~ my favorite of the night!

LOVE Ginnifer Goodwin~~ The color of this dress is so flattering!

Hayden Panniterre~ don’t love the hair but do love the dress on her.

Julie Bowen~~ her hair is pretty blah but LOVE the cut, fit and color of this dress.

Sofia Vergara~ Always sexy

Nicole Kidman~ classic as always

Jessica Pare~ She’s glowing

Julianne Hough~ sorry…but she doesn’t look cute.  Dress could have been ok~ but her makeup is whack, which is throwing everything off.

oh Zoey…you look awful.  you always choose dresses that you THINK you look whimsical and adorable in…but they never look good on you.

Julianna Marguiles–I know that floral patterns are really in, but I hate this dress…too busy.

Archie Panjabi~~ LOVE this actress, HATE this dress.  it looks like a prom or bridesmaid’s dress~ NOT fashion worthy for the red carpet.  bleh.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi~~ YUCK

Ellen actually looks her usual self and her hair is rockin’ but Portia’s outfit is not cute.  She has such an amazing body I wish she wore something more flattering.  Plus her hair looks like it fell apart in the car or something…

Summer Fishtail Braids: “Tail” end of summer

I’m devastated school is starting this week…but THANKFULLY the weather will still be pretty warm in LA and I can rock these messy summer braids a little longer~





Fringe Bikinis From Ebay



Just got these bikinis in and I’m soooo excited!!! Who’s down for a pool/beach day girls???

Weekend Recap and Photodump

Friday: Housewarming At Evan and Sarah’s + Hip Kitty



Markel got into a car accident Friday =(  So I gave him this “chung shim won” medicine that helps calm the body and de-stress.  Tastes AWFUL but I swear it works!


Saturday was a day of randomness, so here’s a photodump.  We also went to a wine store with tons of alcohol and found TONS of really cool things~~





 Saturday Night was Rexy’s DIRRRRTY 30!

Sunday: Bagel run, 5-year anniv church service, errands, Football and Korean Tacos!



oh YaAYyy…football is FOUR hours you say?  wonderful…

Monday: Dinner at Kobawoo with my coworkers ❤

Throwback Thursday

Jen doesn’t realize it yet…but she’s looking at estella’s boobs through the binocular machine.  HAHAHAHA




sneak peak if my weekend



I know…I’m so late on a weekend recap! Here are some photo teasers 😛 xo

Baseball Nail Idea

How adorable is this??  Definitely will try this out before the next SF Giants Game!!




treat tuesday


Dave’s Dirty 30

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVE!  Can’t believe you turned 30 yesterday… The past 16 years of friendship have literally FLOWN and I’m proud to call you an “old man”.  LOL

We threw a small surprise dinner at the Lobster last night and then went out for Pinkberry after.  The perfect night to celebrate Dave’s dirrty 30 =)




We’re Famous!


DIY Nature Wall Art

If you’re as clueless as I am when it comes to home decor…perhaps this will help you with a simple and very low budget wall art idea!




Revlon Photo Finish Foundation from CVS


This is my faaaavorite foundation right now.  It covers a lot, is flawless once it’s on and it comes out beautifully in pictures.  I’m pretty picky about foundations and the way they make me look (since I’m on the yellow side).  LOVE LOVE LOVE and it’s less than $15 at CVS!


Halloween Costume Ideas

Wow…can you believe it’s already Halloween again!  Goodness…well here are some fun ideas that I’ve had for this upcoming year.  Not sure what Markel and I will be…but for now it’s fun to search around!

Some fund ideas I’ve seen~

Our Past Costumes: