Fun Surprises This Week!

What a great post-labor day week!  I received 2 unexpected surprises that really cheered up my days~

Flowers from a graduating MA student to say “Thank You”.  He was seriously one of my faaaves so if he decides to finish his PHD here, there’d be no complaints from me!  This is the first time I’ve ever received flowers so I’m actually making the effort to keep them alive.  (I tend to kill everything within 48 hours.  It’ll be a miracle if these babies survive the weekend)


My oldest and dearest friend sent me a care package from Korea!  Each item was so thoughtful and unique to me (esp the big floppy hat!).  LOVE you eunnie!!


and now…I can stop thinking about my weekend to be in Vegas!  The ladies and I fly out first thing tomorrow morning for a packed day of drinking, pool, drinking, tanning, drinking, fancy shmancy dinner, drinking, dancing, and then late night eats ❤  teehee~~

Happy Friday everyone!! xoxo





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