Weekend Recap and Photodump

This weekend was so much fun!  It wasn’t AS packed as my other weekends, and I loved spending time outside in the sun ❤

Friday:  I was super sick in the morning which was a huge bummer since the evening festivities had been something I had been looking forward to for a LONG time =(  Girl’s Wine Night with the Theme: we aren’t preggers!  So we all had soft cheeses, sushi, fish, wine, Caesar salad, deli meats…and the list continues~  But in any case, it was a great night of gabbing with the ladies ❤

Saturday:  Random day of fun with Markel in Brea and Fullerton and then Ejo’s Birthday!

Sunday: Church, Nursery, El Salvadorian Parade, Pho in Ktown, then watched football and ate some random things with Markel

Some random photos of last week:

And…now it’s the first week of the quarter.  Monday, the first day of the quarter was cray!!  This is the view of freshman from my office window.


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