Camel Leather Jacket Envy


LOVE this jacket!!  Love the color, the neckline and the structure of it.  Found this pic on pinterest…so

Etsy Ring Wishlist

I discovered these rings today and I WANT!!!  They’re adorable and perfect for my fingers this fall =P

From Store: Soraced

Happy Halloween Ya’ll!

Pinned Image

Esquisite Designs


My latest shipment 🙂 Love is in the air! xoxo

Outfit of the Day


Had a crazy day~ but the color of shirt makes me happy. 🙂

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Get Married

Love or hate the dress?

Organizing my Boots for Fall and Winter

This weekend I got out my boots!  The weather has been getting cooler and getting out my fall clothes has been like saying “Hello” to all my old friends.  Cheesy?  Perhaps…but it was an awesome reunion nonetheless.

As I was getting my fall boots and sweaters out, I also did a little cleaning and reorg of my other things.  Here are some sneak peaks into my closet =P.

Here are my purses and heels Below:

I nailed a shoe organizer to the inside of my closet to put my shoes in.  It provides extra space for my shoes, doesn’t take up my room, and is hidden when I want it to be.

**and for you neat freaks, don’t worry~ the shoes don’t touch my clothes.  I use a garment bag as a divider between my shoes and clothes**

My Fall boots =)  Ready to be worn!

I put them on the ground in my closet but made boot holders with cardboard so that they stick straight up.  It’s way cheaper than buying them~ but if you are interested in getting the real thing~ Bed, Bath and Beyond has them for $10 a pair.

SF Giants win the 2012 World Series!!

They did it again, the SF Giants have managed to put another world series championship under their belts.  After a series of disappointments, this new team (with a few mid-season trades) really became a family and that really came through on the field.  During all the side interviews during the game, when players talked about why they were doing so well and if they were stressed~ the consensus seemed to be the same: “we’re just having a great time”.

Well boys…you really made us all proud and fulfilled the goal of not just 25, but of millions (haha can I inflate that to billions?)

CONGRATULATIONS GIANTS!!!  I’m proud to be a fan and to stand by you for this second incredible win in the past 3 years.

World Series MVP: “Panda” (Pablo Sandoval)

(Although…I really think Scutaro should have gotten it too)

Now…the thing that’s REALLY on my mind…What world series accessories should I buy??

Throwback Thursday

Santa Barbara, CA | Wine Tasting ❤

Sept 2008




Weekend Recap and Photodump

This past weekend was a whirlwind of packed events, friends, fun, and FOOOOOD.  After a few long weekends of doing nothing and resting (since I was sick), it felt really good to be around good friends.


–I hosted a pumpkin carving contest + potluck.  It was so much fun to have everyone over!










–got my car serviced, watched Argo (AWESOME movie) and celebrated a fun birthday dinner for two lovely ladies who turned 30!






–This was an unexpected day of fun, food, and an SF GIANTS VICTORY!!!

I got to play with Gorgeous O all morning

Lunch at Curry house (YUMMM)



 Hello Kitty Golf Accessories!! how cute~~


 New Toner and Serum purchases in Little Tokyo (made from rice wine)

–I’m making it a point to take better care of my face this fall


Awesome Murals in Little Tokyo


 Markel working hard at Cafe Dulce


 For dinner, Markel and I ate at the Paks and had the best Korean feast of our lives~


Mee Yuk Gook


Nak-Jii Bokum with Nick’s special soup


Mama Kim’s delicious banchans


Dessert ❤


Cafe Dulce’s Green Tea Donut


Late night snack after our huge meal =P


Weekend Recap and Photodump

Sorry for the late recap.  This is over a week late!!  Since school has started, life has been a whirlwind of busy-ness!!  Plus with Halloween season approaching, I spend most of my evenings making tutus for my etsy site.

Wed-Sun (Oct 10-14) I was super sick with the flu and so my weekend was as eventful as I wish it could have been.  I slept at home mostly and ordered Vietnamese soups to keep me happy.

Friday–slept, ate soup, slept, and watched a ridiculous amount of TV and redbox movies.

Saturday–sucked it up and went to a birthday party in downtown Disney.  After taking tons of dayquil and having some coffee, I actually felt better than I had in days.  I haven’t been to downtown Disney in about 1-2 years so it was really fun being back!

Look at everything made of LEGOS!!

Markel tried to win this bear for me, but the machine was too sneaky =(

New Arm Candy and Necklace from JCrew

Sunday–more sleeping and more laziness~~

(so no pics to show)

Photodump of my life lately and the previous week!

My Cat Winston ❤

Fall Fashion Ideas from Pinterest

The weather in LA has been a bit strange with heat waves and drizzly days.  I was surprised to find that SO MANY students, staff and faculty were wearing fall sweaters and boots!  Holy crap…can’t believe it’s already THAT TIME OF YEAR!!  So here are some fun fall outfit ideas from Pinterest.  Gawd…I love this site.  SUCH great ideas and the pictures are so accessible!

Holiday Makeup Ideas

Pumpkin Carving Party

Tonight my friends are coming over for a pumpkin carving party and potluck! =)  Here are some fun ideas I’m looking at to decorate my place to create an even MORE festive environment!

and…how adorable is this costume idea??




Throwback Thursday

Ktown Karaoke, Sept 2008




Khloe Kardashian and Mario Lopez are the new X Factor Hosts!!

OMG…I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy that Khloe is branching out and getting a chance to do something like this!!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE her to death and can’t wait to see her.

click here to read more

MAC nail polish: Earthly Harmony

MAC nail polish: Earthly Harmony

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Business Casual Dresses

My work place has the ultimate casual dress code.  In the winter I’ve been known to wear uggs and my favorite northface jacket.  As I get older, I feel like I should buy a few more key pieces that I can wear when I have faculty meetings, graduations, seminars, etc.  I also want to find dresses that help me achieve this look since dress pants look really WEIRD on me.  It could be my thighs, my short legs…or just the way my hips sit~ but I swear dress pants aren’t cute.

So…here are a few things that I’m looking at to add to my wardrobe to help make me look more pulled together on days when I need it.

From piperlime/gap/oldnavy:

I think I’ll start with one…and then see how often I wear it =P

Halloween Care Packages: Ghost S’mores

How Cute Are These??  You can make Ghost s’mores! xo




Ring Lusts from Piperlime

I’m home sick today and shopping online to help pass the time.  Here are two rings that I’m dyyying to get!

U-Turn Ring
by Trina Turk $95
Pyramid Ring $58
by Juicy Couture