Weekend Recap and Photodump

Sorry for the late recap.  This is over a week late!!  Since school has started, life has been a whirlwind of busy-ness!!  Plus with Halloween season approaching, I spend most of my evenings making tutus for my etsy site.

Wed-Sun (Oct 10-14) I was super sick with the flu and so my weekend was as eventful as I wish it could have been.  I slept at home mostly and ordered Vietnamese soups to keep me happy.

Friday–slept, ate soup, slept, and watched a ridiculous amount of TV and redbox movies.

Saturday–sucked it up and went to a birthday party in downtown Disney.  After taking tons of dayquil and having some coffee, I actually felt better than I had in days.  I haven’t been to downtown Disney in about 1-2 years so it was really fun being back!

Look at everything made of LEGOS!!

Markel tried to win this bear for me, but the machine was too sneaky =(

New Arm Candy and Necklace from JCrew

Sunday–more sleeping and more laziness~~

(so no pics to show)

Photodump of my life lately and the previous week!

My Cat Winston ❤


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