Organizing my Boots for Fall and Winter

This weekend I got out my boots!  The weather has been getting cooler and getting out my fall clothes has been like saying “Hello” to all my old friends.  Cheesy?  Perhaps…but it was an awesome reunion nonetheless.

As I was getting my fall boots and sweaters out, I also did a little cleaning and reorg of my other things.  Here are some sneak peaks into my closet =P.

Here are my purses and heels Below:

I nailed a shoe organizer to the inside of my closet to put my shoes in.  It provides extra space for my shoes, doesn’t take up my room, and is hidden when I want it to be.

**and for you neat freaks, don’t worry~ the shoes don’t touch my clothes.  I use a garment bag as a divider between my shoes and clothes**

My Fall boots =)  Ready to be worn!

I put them on the ground in my closet but made boot holders with cardboard so that they stick straight up.  It’s way cheaper than buying them~ but if you are interested in getting the real thing~ Bed, Bath and Beyond has them for $10 a pair.


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