Weekend Recap and Photodump

What started out to be a hella chill weekend, really turned into a packed one.

Friday: Costume Party! =)  Went to a house party in Silverlake where Markel was a guy from the 70s and I was an adorable clown.  (*yes, I dubbed myself adorable).



Saturday~ Markel and I went to visit his parents and played in the Philips Ranch area~  At Night, we went to watch Seminar at the Ahmanson Theatre in downtown LA.  We got FREE tickets from yelp!  wahoo!!  I’m a yelp elite member (name: estherc) and we won free tix!

not so healthy meals…


  This is mike’s niece in ballet class~ isn’t she SOOo adorable??  gosh watching the class of little girls learning ballet totally melted my heart.  cute cute cute!


 Haven’t had one of these babies in SOOO LONGGGG


the show was aiite~


Sunday~ Markel and I spent a relaxing day at home while we caught up on reading, resting and just enjoying the weekend.  In the evening, we went over to jzn’s new diggs and had a very adult dinner and played boardgames after~~

Jen’s obsessed with “Holiday Grapes”.  They are super sweet and seedless.  I guess they only come from one farm in CA and are only available during the fall holidays!  (GO GET EM)


Thai Take Out~ YUMMMM







My Latest Heart Order ❤  Love making these~~ so purrrtyyyy.


OH!! and most importantly…I started reading Gone Girl this weekend and it’s SOOO GOOOOD~~~ total page turner!!


My Small Group

and again…work has been cray, LIFE has been cray…so this update is late again =(  sorry guys.


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