Wedding Save The Date: Party Rockin’

After a few months of research and brain storming…Markel and I have created and sent our Save the Dates!  We had really grandiose plans of taking it at the beach, in the snow, or even doing a super glam shoot.  In the end?  We took a random picture on New Year’s Eve in a semi-intoxicated state. =P  But how gorgeous did this photo turn out??  And the balloons, GENIUS right??  HAHA  They were part of our room decorations that I “borrowed”.

Oh, and the BEST part of this pic below?  It was completely edited (text and all) with my cell phone (Samsung Galaxy 3S).  LOL

Markel and I have had such an amazing year and journey together.  I can’t wait to venture into this new year, new life, and new marriage with my Best Friend!!  ❤  I can’t believe it, but our wedding is in 108 days!! eeeeeep! xoxoxo

save the date



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