Weekend Recap and Photodump

This week I didn’t really take very many pictures because Mama and Papa Blair moved!  Markel and I helped move and we spent a fun weekend in beautiful Beaumont.  The weather was rainy and cold~ but it was nice to spend a weekend together (siblings, nephews, niece, and all).  Here are my sporadic bursts of photos…

Friday was a surprise Birthday Party for Mike’s friend.  We didn’t last past the pre-party (we had to wake-up early to move), but it was FUNNNNNNNNNNNN.



AWESOME GIFT right???  My fab roommie bought them for me!  They’re silicone gloves to touch hot things in the kitchen ❤


View fromt he Beaumont house.  You can’t tell, but it’s hailing outside!  I haven’t seen Hail since I was 18 in Sacramento.


From the hiking trail near their house


 Our new storage unit Markel and I get married ❤


 YUMMMMMMMM Best Turkey Melt I’ve had!  It was a “Southwest Turkey Melt”







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