Wedding Prep: Corks, Centerpeices, and Engagement Outfits


This past Tuesday, my roomie helped me (aka did a wedding intervention) pick out engagement outfits, put together my center pieces and brought over dinner.  Isn’t she the BEST???

All the wedding details have been pretty overwhelming (since I don’t have much time).  So how was I coping?  Drinking LOTS of wine and pretending that I didn’t have wedding stuff to do.  HAHA  Not the best way to approach a short engagement…

In just a few hours, we managed to get the entire day together~ including details like invitations, linens, flowers, reception dress/accessories planned.

THANK GOD for Bridesmaids/Roomies right???  Otherwise…I’d be about 2 bottles of wine deep without engagement outfits tomorrow. =T

*sigh *  Wish me luck guys.  I’m reallllly going to need all the magic and fairy dust tomorrow as I fake smile my way through the shots!



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