Weeekend Recap and Photodump

oh man, CRAZY doesn’t even begin to describe my weekend.

Rewind: Before I met Markel, and even during our first year, I was incredibly OCD and anal about having everything in my life organized and color coded.  Today…I am incredibly unorganized and always running around trying to catch up.  I have no idea what the change is, but after this weekend, I have realized that I NEED to go back.  I can’t have another weekend of unorganized craziness like this.

Thursday Night, it hit me that Markel and I had NO OUTFITS picked out for our engagement shoot Saturday and that we didn’t even know what time we were meeting our photog!  We threw together about 3 quick looks each and decided to go shopping Friday night for last minute pieces.

Friday, I literally stressed all day about our outfits, surfed the web/pinterest to get ideas~ and then spent nearly $300 at Target on props, outfit possibilities, and drinks/snacks for the shoot.  Was any of that necessary?  Hell no.  But the erratic shopping went with my mental state of being super panicked.  After work, Markel and I once again put together more outfits before going shopping and tried everything on to see if it looked good.  Then, we went to Santa Monica Place and 3rd Street Promenade to find fabulous outfits.  3 hours later, we had bought enough for 10 photoshoots.  *sigh *

Did the madness end there?  Of course not.

After shopping, Markel and I headed to a Korean Spa where we sweat our butts off in a Sauna for almost 2 hours.  We read magazines, hung out, and had a lot of fun!  It was strangely an impromptu date night where we got to do something new together as a couple~ while we tried to shed the last few pounds before picture day.

(I forgot to take pictures while we were inside, so here’s a lame one of my shirt before I left)


Saturday Morning, we woke up at 8am and ran around the house and West LA getting ready for the shoot.  I showered, put 10lbs of makeup on, and got my hair did at Dry Bar in Brentwood.  DryBar was hands down, the best experience EVERRRRR.  I had so much fun!!  I had an awesome sylist (Alex) and sipped on a mimosa and watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s for an hour.  =)



Afterwards, I ran home, packed the car with props, clothes, snacks, coffee, the kitchen sink…. and headed off to Agoura Hills!  Markel had some drama getting the last of the props, dry cleaners, hair cuts…etc etc.

By 12pm , we were EXHAUSTED and the 101 north was closed (awesome)~ so we chugged our extra strong Starbucks Americano’s and miraculously arrived 40minutes later.  *sigh *

The shoot took about 5.5 hours and we had the BEST TIME with our Photographer.


As soon as we were done, we zip lined straight to a burger joint to pig out and relax.


Markel was NOT amused at taking pictures.  He said he was all “smiled” out.  haha


 SOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD.  After starving ourselves and eating no-salt for the past few days, this was like heaven in your mouth!


 Then…off to my roomie’s Bday at villains Bar in downtown LA and then Teuhmi in Ktown =)SAM_2329

Blue Grass Band Played Live


SAM_2379 - Copy


SAM_2336SAM_2344 - CopyHappy Birthday Joycie!SAM_2364 - Copy

Sunday, I stayed home all day and took advantage of the last day of the weekend.  I slept in till 11am and then slowly cleaned the crazy looking apartment up throughout the day.  Hung clothes back up, did dishes, put away all the props, and made a new item for my etsy store!  (hallow wine cork heart).  I read, did dishes, and just really made it about the wedding.  I have so much stuff packed away in boxes for “later” that I really need to go through them, decide what I was using, wash the vases, prep all the decorations and put them in labeled boxes so that when it’s April, I’m not running around trying to find my stuff.  (see?  trying to get back on the organization wagon!)



 For Brunch, Markel and I snacked on our engagement shoot “props”.  It was TASTEYY


For Dinner I made leftover Korean Food =)  YUMMMMMM



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