Weekend Recap and Photodump

Last weekend was really busy, but fun at the same time.  Markel and I did a lot of wedding prep and this time…it was FUN not stressful!  lol

Friday Night, our small group dropped off dinner to the college group and our church and then Markel and I went home to do some wedding stuff (DIY projects)

Saturday, we woke up really early.  I made us Breakfast Burritos, we picked up wine corks from our vendor, got delicious starbucks (I’m trying to get the gold card!!), and then spend the entire day with Markel’s family in Beaumont.

Markel’s maternal grandparents got married in upstate New York in 1948.  HOW GORGEOUS are these photos?  I’m obsessed with them!  They look so picturesque of the times.  LOVE IT.


It was Markel’s nephew’s Bday.  He turned 12!



 Mike played with his niece and this balloon all afternoon.  So adorable.  Love how simple things like a balloon can keep kids busy for the whole day! xo


The dollar store had St Patty‘s and Easter decorations up the wazOoo.  Can’t wait to have babies someday and actually need these things!


Markel and I have a storage unit in Beaumont and I keep trying to THROW BARRY THE BEAR away!!  But since Markel won it in Vegas, he is extra sneaky in getting it back into our stuff and keeping him hidden so I can’t toss him again.   LOL

Saturday Night, Markel and I trekked back home and did more DIY stuff.  Um…as much as I love the idea of DIY…my future advice to couples is NOT to do it.  It’s really time consuming and a Pain in the butt when you come home from work.  If it’s 1 or 2 things, awesome.  If it’s all your decorations, flowers, card stock, invites, WEDDING…uhh please pass.  I’m suffering.

Sunday, this was the second to last Sunday that I’d be helping out the nursery until after the wedding.  Not that it’s hard to do, but I have so many things on my plate, I want to make sure to give it my all~ So until May…I won’t get to play with these awesome kids =(


After Church, we went to Umami in downtown.  YUMMM.  I rarely eat here, but every time I do I’m in love!  The other pics are of other food dates I had with friends or at home with Markel ❤


Random photos…



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