New Apartment Decor Checklist for Ikea

So…Turns Out Markel and I get to move into our new place 2 weeks earlier than expected!  We’re incredibly psyched!!  We’re basically moving all of our current furniture over, using some sweet handme downs from Markel’s parents, and then buying a few pieces to complete our home ❤

Here are the things on my “to buy” list!

For our spare bedroom, EXPEDIT shelves

A couple fancy-ish mirrors for the apartment…not sure what yet, but here are some cute ones I found online.

we have a kitchen table, but no chairs for it… so here are some that I like so far.

Next, the main living room and dining room areas don’t have overhead lighting.  I’ve always lived with floor lamps that don’t quite make it work.  And since Markel’s dad is an electrician WIZ~ here are some ideal lighting looks.

For the spare bedroom, Markel really wants a desk.  Here are some other cute ideas:

Since I was living alone, I only needed 1 night stand for my bed.  But as a married couple…it’s kinda weird to not have 2.  So…Here is one that is simple and clean.

Finally…I REALLY want these chest of drawers!  And I don’t want to use it for clothing.  I actually want to put it in the entry way with a huge mirror over it so that it actually welcomes guests as they comes in.  Not sure if I’ll actually get to do this, but this is one of those “dream” items I want!


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