Weekend Recap and Photodump

This past weekend was incredibly productive and lazy at the same time.  I really missed having such a carefree few days off and hanging out with friends.  I feel like since I got engaged, there haven’ t been many “party” weekends.  But I hope that’ll change soon!  haha  Only 46 more days till the wedding!  eeeek

Friday, Markel and I hung out with my bff and her bf.  We watched a redbox movie and had Tacos with an Asian twist!


Saturday, I went to a wedding dress fitting for a girlfriend’s wedding and then spent the day doing wedding stuff (but in a non-stressful, leisurely pace)


Spray painted outside in the patio.  Look how dark my hands/feet were after the black paint!  eeek.


Sunday, Church as usual.  Ran tons of errands, hung out with friends, and really relaxed at home with Markel ❤  Also watched a ton of Walking Dead episodes.  LOVE that show!


Anoter really fun thing about the weekend was that Markel and I cooked at home for every meal.  We tried new recipes and tried to really eat all the stuff in our fridge.  It was really fun and something new.  This is the first time that we’ve eaten at home for almost every meal!  Crayyy.



Green Smoothies!  I’ve started making these 1x per day and they’re delicious! xoxo My goal is to drink one everyday from this past weekend until the wedding ❤





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