Weekend Recap and Photodump

This past weekend was really really fun.  Since Markel and I are able to move in 3 weeks early, we kind of put wedding planning on hold and just started packing and preparing for our new place.  Which…has led to the last 2 weekends of our old life back.  No stress, no monumental amount of stuff to do… it’s been awesome.  As much as I’d like to stretch out this engagement period, I really can’t wait till the wedding is over so we can start living our lives again!  and I can freaking go SHOPPING again!!  lol  I haven’t shopped, gone to a bark, or really HAD FUNNN in MONTHS because everything is about my lame wedding diet (aka no drinking) or getting the 20 million wedding details together.  *sigh *

ANYWAY…let’s not get into that cray stress…

Friday night, Markel and I double dated with one of our FAAAVE couples!  This couple also happens to be getting married this weekend, which will be INCREDIBLY fun and exciting!! xoxo  (I’m in the bridal party of this wedding and the Bride is going to be in mine!  keke  And the most fun is that the groom and I are from the same hometown ❤


Last date night at Black Hogg before we BOTH get hitched!!  xoxo totally the perfect way to spend this night.


another cute collage of us ❤


Saturday morning, Markel and I woke up bright and early to play flag football!  Our church is having a tournament in 2 weeks and we can’t wait to kick butt!  Also, adorable Corduroy came out to play.  LOVE this ball of fur!


After the game, we went to Pitfire Pizza on Westwood Blvd (my first date place with Markel!)  The food is so yummy there ❤


In the evening I went to my bff’s bf’s 30th birthday party!!  We had Korean BBQ and oh man…it was HEAVEN.  I’ve been eating really fresh veggies and lean meats (no carbs…*tear *) so eating at Korean BBQ seriously felt like I had died and gone to delicious food heaven.  Love these guys!

(so random…the bathroom stalls have names on them and on had mine!  haha I feel like my name is really coming up in the world and becoming more popular.  go figure huh?)


Sunday, I was super lazy and spent the day drinking green stuff and sneaking a dessert =P  I also spent the day packing and just hanging out.  With the new time change, I completely missed church (boo) and ended up sleeping until noon!  I guess I was more tired than I realized…


photodump of the week.  Free STUFF would be the best way to caption it =P





This next weekend is going to be SERIOUSLY cray with a wedding, moving, and engagement pictures!  CRAYY!


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