Weekend Recap and Photodump (part I)

SO MUCH happened two weekends ago and during that week~that I’m breaking it down to four posts (1 per day almost)

I had Friday Off, so it seemed even crazier than it was!  haha

Let me back up a little to wed/thurs… It’s Persian New Year (Nowruz) right now and one of the sweetest people brought us heart shaped pistachio cookies.  SO tastey and they were homemade!


Little Adorable hearts are overtaking my desk!


Painting the tables on my patio: a bright blue/aqua ❤


Wednesday night, my small group and I went to Westside Tavern to celebrate one of our members getting a new job! xo



Tried picking wedding earrings at Nordstroms before the dinner…


Thursday Night we had a bunch of guests staying over and I was so excited to use my new sheets!  They are from Target and I had been waiting for them to go on sale foreverrr~ untilt hey finally did!  eeek, so exciting ❤  I LOVE the way they look with my anthro blanket.



my last meal before my dress fitting.  plain chicken breast with a little buffalo sauce.  wasn’t awesome, but it helped keep my hunger pangs at bay.


Mike’s delicious sandwich on toasted sourdoug and blue cheese crumbles.  OMG it was so hard not to yank this out of his hands!


breakfast treats with my coworkers ❤




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