Weekend Recap and Update

Markel and I had a really big and busy weekend.  We hosted guests to our new place for the first time.  It was filled with lots of loved ones, fun, good food, and drinks! ❤

Friday Night, we hosted a thank you dinner for some of the people who helped at the Wedding.  (second diner party to come soon!)  We ate delicious chicken enchiladas, chicken tortilla soup, sangria, beer…and dessert that no one got to eat =(

We attempted to play a game, but the girls rocked the boys so fast that…well…it wasn’t fair to finish.  hehe


Saturday, my new parents (MIL, FIL) came over and we hung out and watched a movie.  It was fun being able to host in our new place ❤


Sushi lunch date my my new mama


Sunday, we hosted Mother’s Day Brunch for Markel’s whole family and even did a quick happy birthday song for him.


I even got to paint a few fingers and toes ❤


Happy 27th Birthday to Markel


Wine cork orders galore… I love etsy!


Table Numbers


random happenings from last week, more to come on my new necklace ❤



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