Weekend Recap and Photodump

This past weekend was ANOTHER busy busy busy one~~  Filled with good food, friends, and some physical labor ❤

Friday Night, Markel and I watched a Mad Men marathon and just hung out at home.  We ate leftovers and just did what we haven’t been able to do: RELAX!

Saturday, bright and early, we woke up and drove out to Chino to help Markel’s grandparents move to San Diego.  It was such a gorgeous day~~ it didn’t feel like we were moving.  After the move, we were able to do a little home decor shopping at Z Gallerie & Target ❤

(made a little care package for Markel’s Bro’s wedding, the weather was GORG, so was the sunset!)



Sunday, Markel and I got to sleep in and slowly get ready for a big bbq birthday bash ❤  Our friends came over, got to see our new place, and Markel was able to use his new GRILL~~~ his most prize possession at the moment.

I forgot to take pictures at the beginning of the party, so here are just some random ones towards the end.  This year, I planned a REALLY REALLY chill birthday for Markel b/c he was so burnt out from work/wedding/traveling/moving/LIFE!  We kept it all incredibly low key and relaxing~ so that Mike could sit back and enjoy the day.  (Markel’s Birthday Pasts)


He was so special he got TWO birthday cakes







Happy Birthday Baby!! xoxo




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