Bridal Shower: Hello Kitty Theme

I have the BEST bridesmaids in the entire world.  They threw the most amazing bash for me!!  Every single detail was GORGEOUS and incredibly thoughtful.  They not only were super crafty, but the decor style of the event was classic ❤  I’m so grateful to those girls!

My roomie/BM took 60+ pictures from the day, so here are just some fun ones for you to see.


SAM_2432 SAM_2434  SAM_2442SAM_2431SAM_2444

SAM_2451SAM_2498 SAM_2508 SAM_2512SAM_2465 SAM_2469 SAM_2535 SAM_2544 SAM_2513 SAM_2515



Looking back on this day…I feel so blessed to have amazing friends in my life who love me.  I will always see these pictures and remember such a fun girls day to celebrate my marriage to Markel ❤

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