Estella FINALLLLYYYY graduates!

Mrs. Estella Kim… BA, DDS, DABA, MD, DO, ABCDEFG…you get the point.  girlfriend has a lot of degrees.

After like 10 years of school, Dr. Kim has finally finished School!! In a big graduation, Estella walked across the stage and received her final diploma.  PRAISE JESUS.  She will not be the richest girl in the whole world and probably be my sugar mama until I die (fingers crossed).

I took about a million photos this past Sunday, so I needed a separate blog post just for this.  xoxo  Love you girl.  So proud of all that you have achieved! xo

(and uh…don’t forget to buy our plane tickets for greece, turkey and croatia next year!)









Dinner at Thai House—hella bomb food

(Why am i wearing a button you ask?  I broke the strap of my dress trying to take pics at the graduation and this is the only thing we could find to piece my dress back together.  *sigh *)



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