Weekend Recap and Photodump

This past weekend was…SUPER fun.  I did a LOT of driving in the SoCal area~ and it felt like I went on 2 mini vacations!

Friday Night, I stayed home b/c I had to wake up at the butt crack of dawn to leave for Temecula.  BUT the one awesome treat was that our wedding photos came!!


I’m so excited to share these!  I’ll be posting up like 10 different entries to show them all to you.  Out of like 3,000 photos, there are at LEAST 800 I want to share.  HAHA (literally)



At 645am…bright and early~ I woke up to drive to Temecula.  I had a leader’s retreat with my church and since my car didn’t go friday night (with the rest of the group) we had to be in Temecula before 9am.  sooo earlyyyy *yawn *


The mansion we stayed in was GORGEOUS!!  It housed at least 22 of us and well…there was DEFINITELY more room.  We had a game room, pool, ourdoor fireplace, spa, and MUCH more!  (there was an american flag themed bathroom too!)


During the afternoon, we had “free time” so some of us went wine tasting



Night Time fire, cigars, spa…it was AWESOME.


So…my air mattress got a hole in it =(  I”ve had it for less than a month and already we had a TIIIIINY hole =(

What do 4 girls do??  We used eyelash glue, 1 stamp, 2 hello kitty bandaids and a panty liner to plug the hole.  GENIUS right???  hahaha we laughed pretty hard but it totally worked!! xoxo



The next morning, I woke up to people making awesome Egg McMuffins!!  I made a yogurt partfait and well…had the best breakfast in a LONG TIME.


Immediately after leaving Temecula at 9am and arriving in West LA by 11am~ Markel and I drove to San Diego for the day.  We went to visit his grandparents in Encinitas for lunch.

Stone Flat Pizza…it was aiite.  Definitely hit the spot, food came out fast, and the service was friendly.  Not 5-stars or anything though.


On our drive back to LA ❤  (ROAD TRIP!!  from our summer bucket list)


On the way back home, we stopped by Brodard Chateau in West Minster…BEST vietnamese food I’ve ever had.  Hands DOWN.



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