Random Bits of Our New Place

Here is a random collage of our new apartment.  I originally meant to do a little video tour of it~ but~ I got lazy.  (sorry folks!)

Here are some photos from my phone.  If you like it and want more, let me know!  Perhaps I will try making a little video ❤

My favorite clock from ZGallerie is on our bookshelf ❤


The B from our wedding and the wine rack that Mike made from Scratch.  My favorite is are the glass decanters from his Grandpa ❤


Our credenza ❤


Candy Jars


Our living Room with a blue/white color scheme.  The map is our newest addition the home.  It’s really cool because instead of shapes, the country’s name is written in the shape of the country.  We’re slowly getting a few more things to add to that big white wall.



Dining Room Area: “brown room” Where the furniture is brown.



The bedrooms are still really plain and in the kitchen, I just hung a curtain…nothing much bigger.  We’re still working on decorating more…but I think the initial momentum is slowing.

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