Weekend Recap and Photodump

This past week & weekend was a little weird.  We had Thursday as a holiday and then the weekend ahead.  So it FELT like a 4-5 day weekend.  That made coming to work on Monday THAT much harder…  Luckily I have a sweet gig and love my job!

Friday, I had dinner with the girls at our friend’s new home.  California Chicken Cafe + Wine + Trader Joe’s Ice Cream Sandwiches. ❤  Perfect way to really relax and gab for hours ❤  Love these special nights!


After dinner, I met Markel and his friends for First Friday in Venice.  Two of his friends were in town from the East Coast so we hung out on Abbot Kinney~ I forgot how much I love that place!


Saturday, Mike and I went to Beaumont (near Palm Springs) to hang out with Mike’s parents for the weekend.  Saturday was spent cleaning/organizing our storage unit, watching the Dodgers vs Giants, and eating DELICIOUS food.


Sunday was a FUNday~~ Mike’s entire family came out to celebrate 3 birthdays (mine included =])   We grilled, went swimming, hung out, and watched the Giants game.  It was really nice to spend the day with the Blairs. ❤

(*The not so glamorous part was moving out of our storage unit the morning before all the festivities.  Thankfully it only took an hour at the most*)


On Sunday, Mike taught his niece how to swim and it was ADORABLE.  He had all these techniques that he had thought out and I definitely melted.  Can’t wait to see him as a Papa Blair down the line with our Littles. ❤


Leaving and Returning to LA


Isn’t this the cutest picture ever??  Mike’s in the cutest yellow suit with a blue bow tie.  I die.  I can’t wait to make our baby boy wear one too someday~~ xo



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